Top 20 Indian TV Serials till Date

Hello, all the ‘Tulsis’, ‘Parvaties’ and ‘Anandis’ of the homes. How you all are doing? I know you are really thrilled to know that which of the show on Indian television has clinched the first spot in the race, as discussed in my previous article on India’s Top Most TV Soaps that created landmark.

What Did I Reveal In My Previous Article?

In my previous article, I told you about the Indian television soaps that proved to be a milestone in the history of Indian television. Our team researched upon various Indian television shows and came up with 20 television shows from all categories, such as comedy, parody, romance, drama, epic and many more.  You would be surprise to know that only 4 shows from 2000s have made it to ‘The Top 20 Shows’, while 1990s have taken a lead with most of the shows making an entry into the race.

Let’s take a look on how many shows from 1980s, 90s and 2000s have made it to the Top 19.

1980s- 7 shows.

1990s- 9 shows.

2000s- 4 shows.

As you can see from the pie chart that there is an edge to edge competition between 80s and 90s, while 2000s is lagging behind, marginally. It shows that quality and substance has deteriorated in Indian television. Take an example of a show of yesteryears – ‘Flop Show’, which was aired for merely 10 episodes and it became a milestone because it had substance. Moreover, actors performed so well that they became comic icons for the whole country.

So, let’s get on the work and see the overall ranking of your favorite Indian television soaps.

#20- Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka (1999)


A perfect Guajarati family drama that taught us the values to combat hardships and compromise, when one stays in a joint family.

#19- Flop Show (1989)


This show was the perfect example of wit and parody. It would have definitely become super popular, if it would have lasted for more years and episodes.

#18- Chandrakanta (1994)


It already gained so much momentum and popularity since the time of its opening. Had it not been pulled off-air, the show would have touched skies. Nevertheless, the show was a complete package in terms of storyline, direction and acting.

#17- Alif Laila (1993)


If you look into 1990s and compare the special effects and visual effects of the show, you will definitely realize that there was something about this show, which made it stand out of all other shows. The quality of the story, its way of narration through acts….all was superb and outstanding.

#16- Balika Vadhu (2008)


Now, this show reveals the reality of orthodox culture and ill practices that are still being practiced in some parts of India, especially Rajasthan. The show has impeccably revealed such practices with an amazing and terrific direction, acting skills and cinematography. Kudos goes to the whole team of Balika Vadhu for making such an incredible art work.

#15- Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii (2000)


The show perfectly taught us, actually all the ladies that how can they be a perfect daughter-in-law. The kind of sacrifices and compromises, Parvati did in the show, were worth appreciation and all of us should learn from her simplicity.

#14- Zee Horror Show (1993)


This show became a grand success because of its actors and their acting skills. It is the only horror show in our list that has made the cut. Many shows came and go, but, this show has remained in the hearts of its audience for being utterly scary, and even its title track was very spooky.

#13- R.K Narayan’s Malgudi Days (1986)


It was a short and sweet show that was based on R.K. Narayan’s novel. Each and every episode has inspired us in some way, and reminded us of our good old childhood days.

#12- Tu Tu Main Main (1994)


Tu Tu Main Main came up with Saas Bahu issues and arguments in an utmost comedy manner. But, at the end of each episode, saas bahu used to live happily together, and taught us that all’s well that ends well.

#11- Dekh Bhai Dekh (1993)


The producer of the show – Jaya Bachchan knew it how to reach to normal joint families and to teach them the way to live life happily and together, and she did it awesomely with ideal storyline and direction. Even, the whole cast acted so naturally that it seemed like a real family.

#10- Shrimaan Shrimati (1995)


Now, there could not be anything hilarious than this show, which presented small petty quarrels between husband and wife in the funniest way. It showed us that how men are crazy for other women, even after getting married and how do their wives struggle to keep them on track, by teaching them lessons.

#9- Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi (1984)


Since it was written by one of the greatest comic writers of the India, Sharad Joshi, it had to be great and it was more than great. Satish Shah and ex Miss India, Swaroop Sampat, stole the show and enthralled audience with their acting skills and witty humor. It was an amazing show that touched lives of many Indians by making them laugh, laugh and laugh.

#8- Shree Krishna (1993)


This was one of the epics on Indian television, and the one that will be remembered always for its direction, costumes, actors and their narration of dialogues, especially Krishna and Arjun. The presentation of the Bhagwat Geeta through this show was something that was stupendous and apart from rest of the shows on Indian television.

#7- Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (2000)


Now, this show has been placed so high because it actually ruled the Indian television. Undoubtedly, this show has proved that it takes a lot of effort to reach at no. 1 position and maintain it for eight consecutive years (2000-2008), without a slight move in the position. From selection of cast to sets, it raised the standard and class of Indian television, and took it to an international platform. Ekta Kapoor, no doubt, is the ruling queen, and she knows that how to work upon things to be at no.1.

#6-Kaun Banega Crorepati (2000)


This show is certainly one big high point that took us back in 1980s, when whole family members used to watch television sitting together in one room. And, it would not have been possible, if, Amitabh Bachchan would not have hosted it. The show is also known for introducing many phrases into daily lives of people, like “samay samapti ki ghoshna”, “deviyon aur sajjano”, “lock kar diya jaaye?” and many more.

#5- Shanti (1994)


There are few shows that become successful because of their protagonist actor and Shanti was no exception to the rule. Mandira Bedi did remarkably well, and portrayed the character of bold and strong Indian woman in an amazing manner. The show gained huge popularity amongst both men and women and hence, it bagged a spot in the ‘Top 5’ in my list.

#4- Mahabharat (1988)

Mahabharat (1)

This was one of the few shows that achieved a cult status and respect on Indian television. We generally watch a show and forget it as it goes off-air, but, Mahabharat was a show that will be remembered in our hearts till our last breath. Isn’t it?

#3- Buniyaad (1986)


The show was all about partition and its consequences. It was popular not just amongst patriots, but, each and every Indian was fanatical for this show. And, an impeccable example of this is the re-run of the show on DD from 25th July, 2013. So, those, who have missed or teeny girls, who want to see the struggle, which their parents and grandparents faced, then this show is a must for them, as it is one of  my ‘Top 3’.

#2- Hum Log (1984)


Ahh! Now, as we all know that this was the first ever show on Indian television and was truly a wonderful work of fiction from every aspect. It epitomized life of a middle class Indian in such a genuine manner that the show and its casts became a hot topic of discussion, just like a sizzling Bollywood gossip or breaking news. It is a highly respected show, which received appreciation from the Indians.

#1- Ramayan (1987)


It was one of the most phenomenal epic shows on the television of India. People used to wait for Sundays, I mean literally, not because it was a holiday, but, because Ramayan used to be aired at 9:00 A.M. It created a record by becoming the most viewed show, by drawing 100 million viewers in its kitty, until 2003. It is and will always be one of the greatest and outstanding shows of Indian television.

This was the complete ranking of the shows that became landmark in the history of Indian television, by far. Now, you got to see, is your favorite show amongst them and at what place? Write to us and tell us that how did you find this post?