Top 20 Feng Shui Items to Invite Health, Wealth and Prosperity at Your Home

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Feng Shui means Wind and Water

If the relationship with your partner is not as fabulous as you want, or if you have an anxiety for the health of your dear ones, or if you are obsessed with your bank balance…. Fear not!! Incorporate Feng- Shui in your daily life and see the difference. You need not have to be born in the family of Tata’s or Mittal’s to be rich. I know the fact that, everybody is not born rich, but Feng-Shui can take you to new heights of business, enable you to live healthy and secure enough money for the last two generations. Many of us want to incorporate Feng Shui at our homes, but don’t know how to begin with. So, welcome to the land of Feng Shui …And get acquainted with our Feng Shui tools.

1. Dolphins and fish


It’s lucky to place a show piece or portrait of fish and dolphins in your house, office and shop. You can keep this portrait at any direction in the room. It brings WEALTH, PEACE, LONG LIFE and PROSPERITY.

2. OM bells


Each mantra we chant starts with the holy word “OM” and OM signifies the world. This divine bell is made up of 5 elements of the world named EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR, EITHER. As, we ring the bell, the “OM” sound, removes the negative energy and brings positivity in you.

3. Chinese coins


Place a set of 3 CHINESE COINS in your wallet or purse to multiply your money.Keep them in your lockers and banks.

Stick it to your computer screens, where you keep the financial accounts.Place it on the SOUTH WALL to fulfil your wish.

4. Bells


Tie THREE BELLS together of the same size on the main door of your house, office or shop to bring in PROSPERITY.

5. Chi lin


Chi lin is the most powerful image of luck in the Chinese mythology. It draws WEALTH, HEALTH and PROSPERITY. Place it on your work stations or on the front door. They take in all the negative energy.

6. Mandarin Ducks


Keep a pair of Mandarin ducks for a happy and ROMANTIC MARRIED LIFE. They are auspicious for married couples. Place these ducks in the SOUTH WEST direction of your living room or bedroom and get charged with love.

7. Love birds


Love birds are a true symbol of love. This portrait enhances love among couples, and it also brings in good fortune for unmarried girls. Keep it in the SOUTH WEST direction of your living bedroom or living room.

8. Fuk luk sau


Fuk, luk, sau are the gods of HEALTH, WEALTH and PROSPERITY. Exhibiting them at any part of your room will invite good luck and keep you away from all the fatal diseases. Lay this portrait in the EAST corner of your room.

9. Three legged frog


A three legged frog is extremely auspicious if placed DIAGONALLY OPPOSITE to your main door. It enhances your INCOME and WEALTH with in no time. Make sure that the portrait faces inside the house.

10. Dragon


This powerful Chinese portrait is a symbol of POWER and LUCK. Place this celestial dragon, in the EAST of your living room and get lucky with in no time.

11. Metal turtle and plate


Place this metal turtle in the NORTH side of your living room and make sure you fill the plate with water all the time. You will witness growth in your career and projects.

12. Wind  chimes

wind-chime 2

Hang wind chimes on your front doors, to bring in positive sound waves and GOOD LUCK charm.

13. Swastik, Om, Trishul


These powerful symbols are an epitome of victory and courage. It symbolises SUCCESS and keeps you away from the bad evils and eyes. You can also keep a sticker of its idol in your purse, wallet and diary.

14. Laughing Buddha


Laughing Buddha signifies a happy man. It invites WEALTH, FINANCIAL GAINS and SUCCESS in the house. Placing the portrait in the right direction is very important as the energy, which enters your house is greeted by the laughing Buddha. Therefore, place it on the corner table, which is facing the front door.

15. Pakwa mirror


This auspicious mirror should be placed OUTSIDE THE HOUSE so that none of you can see your face in it. This mirror reflects back all the bad evils and the negative energy from your house.

16.  Bamboo plants


Place this care free plant at any part of your house and enhance your fortune and income. This plant can also bring in GOOD LUCK for your loved one.

17. Dragon ship


Position this beautiful dragon ship in the INWARD DIRECTION of your living room, as it brings wealth and prosperity to your home.

18. Crystal pyramid


Rest this striking pyramid at any area of your drawing room to bring in GOODIES for your family. You can use any size of the pyramids for good fortune.

19. Globe


Keep this magical globe in the NORTH EAST side of your child’s room to call for knowledge and wisdom.

20. Elephants


Place this powerful symbol of power and good luck in the SOUTH EAST direction of your living room. The object attracts all the good energies with their trunks up in the air.

So, what is your pick for the day? An elephant, dragon or the wind chime? Do buy these magical tools and embellish your house with these Chinese items to bring positive energy and good fortune… Coz who knows you could be the next Miss Lucky (after me).

My tip

These Chinese Feng Shui items have a more profound effect, if they are gifted to you by someone so if you wish to see your near and dear ones prosper, gift them these lucky charms and help them attain success, wealth, romance and happiness in all spheres of life.