Top 14 Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas for Singles

It’s 14 February, and we all know what that means. The day is welcomed by lovers, and dismayed by the singles. Ah, love is what all of us need, right? It’s better being a single, instead of being in a relationship, with a guy who has stinky feet; or someone, who is a bad kisser. Remember, Valentine Day is also the day of cheap heart shaped candies, flowers, and chocolates. I am single, but I am never lost or lonely. Here are some positive reasons for you, to celebrate your Valentine’s Day, despite being single.

1.  Make a gang of all your single gal friends, and go for an Anti Romantic movie with giant packets of popcorn.

2.  Throw a party, based on the theme- “love hurts”. No flowers, no hearts…Just good food and drinks.

3.  Go to the spa, and pamper yourself. Get done with a manicure, and pedicure.

4.  Plan a small picnic. Call up your single girlfriends, and visit places, you have never explored.

5.  Go out for a dinner at a restaurant. Treat yourself with your favourite dessert (no sharing this time).

6.  If you want to spend some time with yourself, you can buy a few guy-bashing movies, and cherish your ‘being single’ moments.

7.  Do you have younger nephews and nieces? Take them to the nearby park, and treat them with their favourite sugar candies (which their mommies never allow them).

8.  Take your dog out, for a long walk. Nothing is better than a puppy, licking your feet.

9.  Dress to kill. Go to a pub. Approach to 4-5 guys, who knows that it can turn out to be your lucky day.

10.  Buy an expensive watch or ring. After all, you have saved all the money for the day.

11.  Spend your time in cooking. Organize supper for all your single friends. Sometimes, cutting and chopping can be therapeutic.

12.  Cook for your mom and little Bro. Plan a date for your mom and dad. Surprise them!

13.  How about sky- dives, bungee jumping, or sea diving? This time try a little adventure.

14.  Brainstorm with all you single buddies, about the lucky reasons of being single. Start your conversation like- no clingy sms, no fights, no massive phone bills, and no spending on parlours.

Here, I come to a conclusion, Valentine’s Day is not for two lovers only; it’s a day for everyone, who is in love (you can be in love with yourself). I wish you all singles, Happy Valentine’s Day! Cheers!