Top 10 Weird Gadgets to Look Out For

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Are you looking out for some unique and interesting tech toys in the market? There are some unusual and fantastic gadgets that are occupying stores’ shelves these days. Following are the top 10 fun- high-tech devices to spice- up the life of hard-to-buy type gadgets:

1. Metal Detecting Sandals ($ 60)


Do you know, what is buried beneath the sands? Who knows? Nobody! You can if you own this terrific beach accessory. These cool sandals have the metal detectors that can locate the treasure, buried up- to two feet below the surface. The detecting unit begins to vibrate and a light blinks as soon as some treasure is spotted. Isn’t it an ultimate gadget?

2. Bluetooth Handset Gloves ($ 69.99)


Have you ever imagined about the existence of a Bluetooth glove that can let you ‘take and make’ calls? Yes, such a gadget has existence on the planet. The usage of the gadget is easy as it exploits the international gesture of ‘Call Me’. A speaker and microphone are built respectively into the thumb and baby finger of the left glove. On the back of the glove, there is a set of controls to pair- up the device and carry out other functions.

3. Sphero Robotic Bal ($129.99)


The 3-inch spherical shaped robotic ball is the next amazing gadget. The concept of the device is to control a ball wirelessly. This ball is controlled by pairing it with an Android or iPhone-via Bluetooth, and then it can be used as a regulator for on-screen games. The free sphero applications like Golf and Drive are available.

4. BowLingual ($ 99)


What’s that? It is a walkie-talkie like small gadget that claims to decode your pet’s bark into English. A microphone around the dog’s neck picks- up sounds and translates it into 6 emotions- angry, sad, happy, assertion, frustrated and desire. A handheld device audibly conveys the information on a screen.

5. iPotty ($ 40)


This gadget is a glimpse of the startling future when children will be unable to take a shit without having entertainment simultaneously.  iPotty is a kid-sized toilet for the toddlers who have a built-in touch- screen iPad stand.

6. Aeroskull Skull Speaker ($ 500)


If you’re looking for some spine-chilling conversation piece, or a loud speaker dock, or a combination that is a little of both, then this is gadget is made for you. A naked head with a pair of sunglasses hides two speakers of 15 Watt. Subwoofers of 40 Watt are attached at the back of the head. The device is available in 11 colours and works with iPod touch and iPhone. Speakers are companionable with Bluetooth.

7. HAPIfork ($ 100)


This device is a SMART fork that monitors and tracks one’s eating habits. It counts bites and flashes light if one eats too fast. The sensor in the gadget records the time consumed in eating the meal, and conditions to slow- down the eating pace. The number of forks, serving per minute are uploaded via USB to a website, protected by a password.

8. Cube 3D Printer ($ 1299)


Do you want a 3-D printer? If you’re artistic, creative, and enjoy designing then this printer is gonna be in your prime list, to buy. The colourful 3D objects of up to 5.5 inches with numerous material choices can be made, and print modes by using this friendly 3D printer. This 2nd generation printer can print at 1.5 X faster speed with a 2X better accuracy.

9. iBright Flying Alarm Clock ($ 16.99)


Do you get late for school or office because you tend to press the snooze button of the alarm several times? No longer you have to face trouble in waking- up early in the morning. The iBright Flying alarm clock is to take away all your morning worries. The clock has a propeller that spins- off in the air when the alarm buzzes. The alarm does not stop sounding until you find the spinning-propeller and put it back from the air, onto the apex of the alarm-clock.

10. Targus Flexible Mobile Keyboard


This ultra slim, flexible keyboard is easy to travel with as it can be easily rolled and packed into a backpack, bag, or suitcase. The silicon based material of the keyboard offers flexibility, comfort, and durability. This keyboard can be easily washed with disinfectant, alcohol, or water to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. It’s flat and super-slim design that does not add any strain to wrists. The soft- touch keys make the typing comfortable and silent than traditional hard plastic keys of the keypad. The users have to plug- in the USB with a laptop (or desktop), and they are all set to work.