Top 10 Trendy Colors for Spring/Summer 2014 to Flaunt Your Style Statement

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Summers have hit the doors and runways of capitals and metros are flooded with the hottest models showcasing the coolest and the breeziest trends for the upcoming summer 2014. With every passing season, designers with their artistry and prowess work upon everything from colors to prints to patterns, and eventually come up with the classiest and the most amazing trends and colors for the seasons.

Here, we are unveiling to you the top colors that you will get to see in the malls and marts. Explore, choose, and buy the most appropriate color(s) for you and make sure; you carry it with utmost sass and appeal to make heads turn around irrespective of the fact whether you’re having a sip of cappuccino at Mocha or on a shopping spree with your amigos.

#1 Dazzling Blue


According to fashion gurus and experts, blue, particularly dazzling blue, is going to be the biggest color of the season making itself second nature for both sexes- male or female. Try it on with different hues and whites to flaunt the maximum with this hottest selling color of the season to make you look cool.

#2 Violet Tulip


It is one of the colors that truly epitomize the essence of being a woman and to set things off, pair it with white, and you’re ready to set things on fire while feeling exceptionally cool. Men can pair a white shirt with violet tie and even cufflinks.

#3 Radiant Orchid


Spring-summer-2014-Image-2This type of color has a very universal appeal rather than confining itself to a particular gender. For the same reason, it ruled the Pantone chart as being the color of the summer 2014. Besides, you can also try from a variety of its hues available in the market. With this color, you can never go wrong in terms of style. Moreover, any complexion type can wear it without any guilt.

#4 Celosia Orange


This color draws its inspiration not just from one piece or object, but from an array of birds and flowers, such as peaches, flamingos, etc. This goes quite well on any denim or skirt and honestly, this has started to become a fad and will be seen here, there, everywhere in the markets, in everything from dresses to gowns to decors.

#5 Freesia


#6 Cayenne


Now, this is something that will spice up your wardrobe with its oh-so-frisky appearance. Its charm and appearance are sufficient to make you feel invigorated even on a tiring summer afternoon. Girls can carry a chiffon dress complementing a gold metallic belt with it, while boys can simply wear a graphic printed tee over blue chinos or denims or even shorts.

#7 Placid Blue


This is one of the few colors that are evergreen or I should rather say ‘everblue’, as this color manages to make its place amongst the top colors of the season every year. It oozes a sense of tranquility and peace and one can never go wrong while picking up this color for a cool college avatar. You can stock up your wardrobe with different patterns available in the market to look at your best with this subtle yet calming color tone.

#8 Paloma


No matter how much colors we add to our wardrobes, subtleness still finds its way and it can only be found in subtle and less responsive colors, like paloma, which despite of being dull hold a strong edge and make you look dramatic than any other color.

#9 Sand


Tones of sand are going to be a huge hit these summers; be it any time of the day – AM or PM. Gurus have predicted the coming back of linen in 2014 and this color is going to make a huge deal with linen taking over the market as being a cool and breezy color.

#10 Hemlock


This is one of the colors that do not speak much on its own, yet it is so efficacious that you can’t deny but to have this color in your closets. You can compliment it with prints of any kind and sort or even bolder colors.