Top 10 Stupid Commercials On Indian Television

Ad-making is a tricky job. All about creativity and innovative ideas, but sometimes the creativity gets over- flooded. Here’s a list of such ads, in whom the makers performed a lil extra creative, without knowing what they were trying to do!

Transparency… SERIOUSLY???

Use silk, and shine if you want this frog… Oops! I mean by prince charming!

Here is the new fishing style for the amateurs!

All Photographers watch it and save money!

Okay! Whatever! You don’t wanna lure a croc with Alpenlibe!

Use Asian paints, if you want people to notice your house instead of your talented son.

Do you wanna become a Complan boy?

Okay! I wish we could change people like this, but the girl’s got a bad choice for sure!

But, who on earth gets surprised with the super- white whiteness that tide claims?

Aakhir aa hi gaya mano-ranjan ka baap! This one is hilarious!