Top 10 Sizzling Hottest Women CEOs!

The perfect illustrations of beauty with brains! These women head businesses and are incredible sexy too.

Let’s have a look at the top tens to get inspired from.

1.  Marissa Mayer

The new CEO of yahoo, Marissa has completed her studies from Stanford University. She is 37 and holds a net worth of US$ 300 million in 2012. Marissa Mayer was a long time executive and major spokesperson for Google before this.

2.  Hilary Rowland

The sexiest female geek and a self trained web programmer. Hilary launched two of her successful projects when she was just 15. Both the sites are top ranking and sustaining their success. She is the CEO of and eclick Interactive Inc.

3.  Nina Godiwalla

A second generation Indian American, Nina Godiwalla, is the CEO of Mindworks, which helps people in stress management. Nina also writes- ‘Suits: A Woman on Wall Street’ for the Wall Street journal.

4.  Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid

The Somalian supermodel, Iman founded ‘Iman’ cosmetic range which is one of the most popular cosmetic ranges in the world. Her journey from Africa to New York  holds a series of interesting events, which can be found in her autobiography- ‘I am Iman’.

5.  Alexis Glick

The well known face in the journalism industry, Alexis, is a mother of four children. She has recently been declared the CEO of Gen Youth foundation. Glick has studied political science from Columbia University.

6.  Julie Smolyansky

The CEO and President of Lifeway Foods Inc. it’s hard to tell whether she is a model on the commercial of Lifeway foods or the CEO of the company. This 30 something beauty with brains took over the command of the company after the demise of her father.

7.  Jesse Draper

An American actress and also the CEO of valley girl Inc. which is the producer of the famous talk show ‘The Valley Girl Show’. She is a graduate in films and television from UCLA’s school of theatre, film and Television.

8.  Tyra Banks

Tyra Lynne Banks got famous by her modeling career, and as Victoria secret’s original angel. After modeling, films, TV and music, she tried her hands in writing too, with the ‘Modelland’ series. She is currently the CEO of Bankable Enterprises.

9.  Claire Chambers

The 28 year old lady is the founder and CEO of ‘Journelle’, a lingerie showroom, that is anti-Victoria secrets. Chambers worked as a management consultant before launching her lingerie store in 2007. She holds a degree in economics.

10.  Kathy Ireland

Kathy Ireland got famous by her feature in the sports illustrated swimsuit issue. She is the main designer, CEO and founder of Kathy Ireland worldwide, which is a $2 billion business kingdom!