Top 10 Romantic Novels of all time Written by Female Authors

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Romantic novels take one into an entirely different world, where fascinating characters dream and fantasise the world of love and passion. The stories that transport you to unanticipated depth of emotions to engage your heart and mind completely, and make you desire for more!

Browse through our list of 10 wonderful romantic novels; select unread books and curl up in a soothing chair to breathe the romance-

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1. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)


In the novel, author casts light on a common reality that had its existence in England in the early 19th century.  The reality she brought to the fore is- a girl who lacks a good luck, must marry a wealthy man.  The novel centres the ‘Bennett’s’ family, who hunts for a rich man for marriage of their 5 daughters who are looking for good fortune.  One of the most ‘loved books’ among romantic readers!  If you’re a devoted fan of romantic novels, this should definitely be your pick.

2. Slow Heat in Heaven (Sandra Lynn Brown)


It is a strongly woven and astonishingly complex tale of love, disloyalty and emancipation. The tale revolves around the adopted daughter (Schyler Crandall) of the most influential man in town, who leaves the town, when her own sister stole her love. Crisis brings her home back, where she discovers, her family is on the brink of debacle. The author keeps her one foot planted firmly in romantic background, and other, in suspense.  Fantastic read!

3. Seize the Fire (Laura Kinsale)


In brief, I would say- ‘Another amazing novel from the great Author’. The well written tale of a cynical, fed-up, notorious Naval hero (Sheridan Drake), who has to come to conditions of his past, and innocent, brave and exiled princess of a small country (Olympia Leger), who must look at reality. The epic story with pirates, sea- travel and constant danger! The story has interesting elements for everyone. Worth reading book for the marvellous hero, and the writing style of Kinsale!

4. Morning Glory (Lavyrle Spencer)


An adorable story of Will Parker and Ella Dinsmore! 26 years old widow, Ella is a mother of two small kids. A vagrant, Parker meets Ella through her advertisement for husband. The two ordinary, plain, lonely people meet up and fall for each other. It is the talent of the writer that makes the love story of two simple people impressive and memorable.

5. Long After Midnight (Iris Johansen)


Iris’s novels of category ‘Romantic Thrillers’ are always enjoyed by her readers; so is this one. It is a suspenseful and romantic storyline of 29 years old divorcee, ‘Kate Denly’, who is a research scientist and a mother of 8 years old innocent child. She works on developing a special drug to help out the medical world. But, baddie of the story is against this invention of hers. The story revolves around how she goes into hiding herself and her family, and also completing the drug before the assassin is able to find her.

6. On the Night of the Seventh Moon (Victoria Holt)


It is one of the most enduring and beloved books of the author. The plot of the story is built over the belief of the “Black forest Legend” -that the ‘night of the seventh moon’ is a night to sing and dance; a night for joyful celebrations- a night to LOVE! The setting is beautiful and the characters of the story are intriguing. The presence of element of mystery about what actually happens to Helena Trant (the main character) and her Maximilian during the course of 3 days they were together, and right away after that, are sure to hook you to the book.

7. Easy (Tammara Webber)


From beginning to end, you won’t like to put the novel down. The plot of story is quite realistic (with a slight over-dose of drama).Novel contains the drama, hotness, romance and misunderstandings- just in the perfect amount! The story centres on economic class of Jacqueline (a female protagonist) and the 2 young men, whom she meets through the campus.  The college-set-love-story got everything to keep you hooked.

8. An Affair without End (Candace Camp)


It is a seductive story of a charming and bold woman (Vivian), who fervently falls into danger and dares to smash the rules. Vivian decides never to get married, but happens to meet a handsome man, Oliver, and the rest is history. The story is well written with detail, depth, love, betrayal, danger, adventure and sweet sensuality.

Plus, it contains the perfect amount of intrigue and mystery to keep you involved in the shaded crimes and subsequent investigation by Vivian and Oliver. The plot is effortless to flow, and will captivate your mind.

9. In her Neighbour’s Bed (Angie Daniels)


A sweet and hot story! The book offers an enjoyable storyline of, how two adorable neighbours (Zanaa and Scott) got to know each other. The laughter and sexual chemistry between the hero and heroine is just off the chart. The book will make you laugh and cry, and believe- ‘Love Just Happens’. Completely captivating novel to read! Daniels has proved it again!

10. Devil in Winter (Lisa Kleypas)


The story is about the magical relationship between Sebastian (the hero) who is a darling, witty, indolent and immoral rake; and Evie (the heroine), who is highly spirited woman. It is an evocative, touching and beautiful love story, which is full of drama, good sexual tension and forbidden love. The smoking hot love-making scenes are full of feelings. The well written characters (Sebastian and Evie) will truly melt your heart. You’re surely gonna love this series of ‘Wallflowers’ too, if you’re historical romance lover.