Top 10 Plastic Surgery Disasters: From Koena Mitra to Pamela Anderson

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More often than they’d ever admit, celebs go under the knife to attain that perfect beauty and appearance, which make the men go weak in their knees, and women die with envy. But you know what, God never differentiated between his children. If you and I are unhappy with our nose, jaw line or any other part of our body, so are the celebrities from across the world. The secret to their good looks is that they have enough moolah to shell out for their vanity. But can you imagine the shock that these celebs undergo right after a disastrous surgery? We doubt you do! Here are the top 10 cosmetic surgeries that went horribly wrong, Shudder!

1. Rakhi Sawant


The Queen of ‘wrong’ has another failure in her kitty. She underwent this crazy surgery to probably look better, but it ended up making her appear louder and weirder! Don’t you agree?

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2. Donatella Versace


Cheek implants, facelifts, lip injections, and so much more! Donatella might be huge in the world of fashion, but what is so wrong with her when it comes to make up and beauty?

3. Michael Jackson


MJ! The King of Pop has given us cult music. But he did not always look like that. Don’t you want to know all that he had gotten done to look the way he looked? Okay! Let’s begin: a lightened skin for starters, chins implants, whittled down nose, lip augmentation, and an unnatural and unrealistic cleft in the chin. Phew, seriously!

4.  Minissha Lamba


This lass looked decent before. Well, at least tolerably decent. Then one fine day, she lost her mind, went ahead and got herself a nose job done. Bam! The thing that emerged from the surgery looked more of a potato and less of a nose. Don’t you think we are right? Check out this picture!

5.  Priyanka Chopra


Piggy Chops might never confess to getting a nose job done, but her pictures tell a different tale. If one looks close enough, her smile is drastically changed too. A sharpened nose and a bigger pout! PC, have you really thought we wouldn’t notice?

6.  Shruti Haasan


Indian actresses are not too comfortable in discussing the nitty-gritty of their surgical adventures. However, Shruti Haasan, the daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika, admits to go under the knife. She’s had a nose job done. However, the twist in the tale is that she says that she’s done it for pure medical reasons, i.e., she faced breathing problems! The question is, why right before your bollywood debut, Shruti?

7.  Pamela Anderson


The Baywatch Babe has surely gotten things done to her pout. Even though she denies surgery and says she isn’t interested in anything of that sort, her pictures help in revealing the truth. Plus, her bust enhancement is totally crazy!

8. Heidi Montag


Though this chick might not be popular with us- Indians, it might be incredibly shocking to note that she underwent ten surgeries in a single day. She’s admitted to getting a nose job revision, chin reduction, Botox in the forehead, brow lift, fat injections in the cheek, neck liposuction, waist, inner thighs and hips liposuction, pinning back ears, buttock augmentation, second breast augmentation, and WHAT NOT! We’re dead-tired in listing her body parts, wonder when she’ll be bored too!

9. Kangana Ranaut


It looks like Miss Kangana wasn’t too pleased with her lips and nose. So, she thought it’s imperative to visit a plastic surgeon, and apparently, get it fixed. We don’t know what to say, the picture speaks itself!

10.  Koena Mitra


It seems like every second actress in Bollywood isn’t happy with her nose. That’s why it’s the forerunner in this “let’s get our face into surgery” competition. Koena Mitra’s nose job turned out to be an epic fail, and the whole country couldn’t help but gape at this stupidity. At times, impulsiveness can cost you more than you can ever imagine!