Top 10 Photos of Real Ghost Sightings that Prove Ghosts Exist

1.      The brown lady, 1936

She is the famous ghost of the Raynham hall in Norfolk, England. Dorothy Townshend was the mistress of Lord Wharton, and her husband Charles Townshend found about it, so he locked her in some part of Raynham hall and she died of his abuse. The picture was taken in 1936, and experts have denied any tampering with the negatives or double exposure in the picture.

2.     Lord Combermere,1891

Lord Combermere died in 1891 by getting hit by a carriage. While his family prepared for the funeral, some family pictures were taken. This one was accidentally taken, while the photographer was preparing the camera and at the same time the burial was taking place 4 miles away. The family members confirmed that this was his favorite chair, and he used to sit here for hours.

3.      The Wem fire girl, 1995

This famous picture was taken by a photographer from across the street at the time of a structure fire in wem town hall, Shropshire, England. Once the negatives were developed, a young girl staring from the doorway appeared in the pictures, which nobody had seen with naked eyes. The firemen searched the ashes of the building to find any human traces, but nothing was found.

4.      Ghost of dead mother, 1959

In 1959, Mabel Chinnery clicked the picture of her husband sitting in the front seat of the car, after spending her day at her mother’s grave. The breathtaking discover she made, when the picture got developed, was her dead mother sitting in the backseat of the car with her husband.

5.      Queensland grave, 1946

This one sent shivers down my spine. The picture was taken by a mother of her teenage daughter’s grave. The mother claimed to not have seen the baby at the time of clicking picture, nor she recognizes her. It was scary to see the picture, when it was developed. Experts say, the negatives have not been tampered, and as the mother doesn’t recognize the baby, there is minute chance of double exposure.

6.      Freddy Jackson,1919

This is from world war 1st; Freddy Jackson, a mechanic in the royal air force was killed by an airplane propeller. Two days after his death, when the whole crew assembled for a group picture, Freddy too showed up (In the picture at least). After seeing the picture everybody confirmed that it was no else but Freddy.

7.      Bachelor’s grove cemetery, 1991

The first time I saw this one I thought it was hoaxed, but the picture was clicked by professional paranormal investigator, Mari Huff, using a high-speed monochromatic film after detecting electromagnetic glitches in the area. The women is clearly visible sitting on the gravestone, which is clearly gonna give me sleepless nights for a week at least.

8.      Toys-R-US, 1978

The toys R store is famous for paranormal activities and sightings. The picture was taken by the crew of “That’s Incredible” with a lot of people present, as witness. The figure of a man leaning against the wall, which is visible in the picture, was not seen by anyone present and nor did it appear in the high speed footage of the same.

9.      National museum of Greenwich, 1966

Rev. Ralph hardy took the picture of queen’s side stairway of the museum, while visiting it. Upon developing the pictures, the shocking blurred ghostly image was discovered, climbing the stairway. Experts confirmed no tampering or double exposure in the picture. The staircase to afterlife! Wot say?

10.  The ghost of grandfather, 1997

Denise Russell took her grandmother’s picture on a Sunday evening, while the family was enjoying a picnic. In, 2000 while flipping through old pictures she found a figure standing behind her granny in the picture. After looking closely, everybody realized that the figure was of Denise’s grandfather, who had passed away in 1984.