Top 10 Movies You Can’t Afford To Miss From 2012

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Here’s an eclectic list of the top 10 movies of 2012 that you can’t afford to miss. The year had something for everyone. From offbeat films to the real-time cinema to typical Bollywood masala, everything has its place in the list.

So read on and get your movie business finished before bidding a final goodbye to 2012!

1.  Barfi (Sep)

This is undoubtedly the most adorable movie of the year. Barfi takes into account the story of a deaf and mute local boy (breathtakingly handsome too) and his relationship with two girls, one of them is autistic. The movie is set in the beautiful backdrop of Darjeeling and West Bengal. The story, direction, acting all effortlessly score a 10 on 10. The story tells us how love defies the societal standards of right and wrong, normal and abnormal! A must watch if you haven’t already seen it 10 times.

2.   Vicky Donor (April)

The movie was a pleasant surprise with its newcomer brigade and hat ke story. Ayushman Khurana and Yami Gautam’s onscreen chemistry was a treat to the eyes apart from their very realistic acting skills. The story is set in the unconventional context of sperm donation, where Ayushman is a man of a high sperm count, (as if he already wasn’t too tough and sexy)! Also, the Bengal meets Punjab tadka, which has added extra zing to the movie. You won’t encounter one dull moment while watching this one!

3.   Ishaqzaade (May)

This was the year of newcomers doing a commendable job. Parineeti Chopra was a pretty girl next door everybody can relate with, and Arjun Kapoor won over many hearts with his rugged crude look. The movie is set in political background where a Hindu man and a Muslim woman, who have always despised each other, fall in love. The story is strong and direction laudable. Also, it portrays something, which exists quite glaringly in our society.

4.  Paan Singh Tomar (March)

This is the Biopic of Paan Singh Tomar, an Indian athlete employed by the Indian Army, who turned into a dacoit. The story has its settings in the hilly terrains of the Chambal valley. It’s the story behind how Paan Singh Tomar thwarted with the crippled and undemocratic administration, finds his own way to justice. The movie taps some serious issues of sports in India except cricket as cricket is the most glamorised of all. Irrfan khan’s acting is exemplary, and the movie is not a celebration of victory like chak de, but it does unveil the true sportsmanship!

5.   English Vinglish(Sep)

Sridevi made a smashing comeback through this totally adorable flick. She gets brownie points for looking so cute at this age in the non-glamorous role of a housewife with minimal makeup. This is the story about a housewife, who is open minded, resourceful and dedicated to her family, but her qualities go unnoticed because of her inability to speak English. The story takes fascinating turns, and you literally feel the excitement of the character when she lands in Manhattan. An upbeat movie that tells you to value the little things that often go overlooked.

6.  Gangs of Wasseypur I and II (June-July)

Gangs of wasseypur is an Indian crime film by Anurag Kashyap and indubitably one of his finest works. The story revolves around three crime families, and their struggle to be the most feared in wasseypur. Part I is set in 1940’s to 1990’s  with Manoj Bajpei, playing a very strong role of Sardar khan, whereas part II deals with the real and the stepson of Sardar khan. It’s a fast paced movie with tremendous action sequences. Definitely not for the fainthearted.

7.  OMG:Oh My God(Sep)

Akshay Kumar is definitely the hottest avatar of God, one can ever come across in this lifetime. The movie presents some of the most prevalent hypocrisies that use god’s name, to earn money and run their business in an entertaining and slightly comic light. It was an eye-opening experience for people, who have blind faith in temples and ashrams. The story breaks through the deeply set superstitions and brings you closer to god. The onscreen chemistry of Paresh Rawal and Akki is as good as ever. A complete entertainer!

8.   Rowdy Rathore(May)

A typical Bollywood entertainer with action, romance, music, and a double role! We loved Akshay in the moustache and bright colourful clothes. Akshay plays the role of Shiva, a mischievous thief who falls in love with Priya (Sonakshi, srsly? Sigh!), at first sight. The story spins around his encounter with his look-alike’s daughter and fate. The movie has some larger-than-life action sequences, but we believe Akki to be capable enough of doing anything. After all, he is the ‘god’! A fun entertainer not to be taken too seriously is what describes this film.

9.  Kahaani(March)

This thriller suspense yet again proved the brilliance of Vidya’s acting skills. A pregnant woman comes to Kolkata looking for her missing husband during durgapuja festivities. Everyone she meets in the course denies having ever met her husband, putting a question mark to his existence. The story takes several interesting turns that sets your mind racing. All the characters have been chosen very carefully and fit in their roles just perfect. It’s 122 minutes packed movie and makes sure you don’t feel dull for a single minute.

10. Dabbang 2 (Dec)

The most celebrated police officer, chulbul pandey from dabbang 1 creates even better magic on screen. Salman’s omnipresent fans don’t need a reason to watch his films (bodyguard, ready, ek tha Tiger were blockbusters!), but this one is a must watch for the non-salman people too. The story is set in Kanpur, where chulbul pandey is on a mission, to eradicate all crime, and a gunda politician baccha bhaiya with his six packed herogiri. Sonakshi, for a change is looking good in the movie. So, enough reasons to watch this one too!