Top 10 Most Loved Street Foods of India

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Are you a complete foodie and waiting to gulp down some of the most chatpate, roadside foods like me? Fancy hotels may have been a centre of attraction for people, but food freaks do have a soft corner for street foods. Be it a hawker, portable stall, vendor or a road side Ddhaba, we have it all when it comes to Zaika India Kaa! When we walk down the roads of India, one can smell the peppery spices coming from the lip smacking street foods that leave us fascinated.

Let us take a look at the must try Indian street foods!

1. Chole Bhature from Delhi


Where to Eat? 

Sita Ram Diwan Chand at Lajapt Nagar


Located at Lajpat Nagar, Sita Ram tops the list when it comes to the popular Punjabi snack Chole Bhature. One cannot resist its stuffed paneer bhaturas and spicy chole. While considering the comfort in mind, this place does not have a proper sitting arrangement like other joint food centers, but if you happen to wait in a long queue, your patience will not go waste! I strongly suggest you the stuffed bhatures and chole here.

2. Tikiyaa Chaats from Mathura


Where to Eat? 

Chatta bazaar at Mathura


Tikiyaa and chaats are something that is available at almost every nook and corner of the country. So, one can never go wrong when it comes to taste. And for me, Mathura is the best place to enjoy mint flavored dumplings. Here at chatta bazzar, you can smell the divine aroma of desi ghee that makes one salivate.

3. Vada Pao from Mumbai


Where to Eat?

Anand at Gulmohar road, Opposite to Mithibai College


It’s every man’s go-and-grab a snack! Potato patties- stuffed with chillies, garlic, and loads of coriander- dipped in besan, fried golden, and then sandwiched between the paav. Every college student or working man does flock at this stall. What is more especial about the bun is- the fried chillies laid on the top of the paav.

4. Daal ki Kachori/ Lassi from Jaipur


Where to Eat?

Lassiwala at M.I. Road


Enjoying a piece of steaming stuffed kachori is walking across the streets of Jaipur. It is indeed a treat to you. The moong ki dal ki kachori has a crisp fried crust with a strong flavor of hing. The shop sells its kachoris like it sells its sweets and namkeens on the daily basis. And, if you find the Kachoris a bit peppery, you can order a large glass of Lassi that will quench your thirst.

5. Egg Rolls or Kati Rolls from Kolkata


Where to Eat?

Across the streets at Kolkata


The city of joy is famous for its Kati rolls. Here, people of all class come and kill their hunger! Standing at the ‘tthelas of kati roll’ in Kolkata, people here have amusing conversations while the egg is poured in the pan, and till the egg is warped in a paper (for which people genuinely do not have time to do so!)

6. Idli, Dosa and Sambhar from Chennai


Where to Eat?

Shree Krishna Sweets at R.K. Salai road


It is a perfect location. Also, there is some sitting place if you want to sit and enjoy the South Indian delicacies. The shop is always good at handling crowds. What’s remarkable here is the typical tomato chutney that is served with dosas and vadas that are better known as Kuzhi Paniyaram.

7. Dabeli from Ahmadabad


Where to Eat?

Kanavati Dabeli at Bhatta Road


Any tourist, who has visited Ahmadabad, would not return without treating his taste buds to the famous Dabeli. You come back home and try to make the same, you will end up sad! There is no replacement to a street side Dabeli. The magic cooking does not happen at home! The potato mixture, put between the buns, is a must eat for all of you!

8. Paav Bhaaji from Mumbai


Where to Eat?

Chaupaati at Juhu

Mumbai comes again! One of the most popular treat at the Chaupaati is the paav-bhaaji. Anyone who visits the Juhu beach will not stay behind of treating themselves with it. The plate consists of Paav and a spicy bhaji, made up of all the seasonal vegetables, served with a generous amount of butter and chopped onions. The unique tangy garlic chutney is the centre of attraction.

9. Poha-Jalebi from Indore


Where to eat?

Chappan Chowk at Palasia Road


Indore is better known as the food capital of India. As the name suggests Chappan, it means there are 56 shops that sell fast food. Think of the food and you will have that here, just at one place! While you shop around, you can walk down this food selling lane. Poha and Jalebi are the hot selling items here. Hot, crispy jalbebis with chatpata poha is a great combo. What a wonderful combination of sweet and sour!

10. Golgappa’s from Delhi


Where to eat

Chandni chowk at old Delhi


If you are a golgappa fan, then this chowk is totally dedicated to pamper your taste buds. And if you are a kulfi freak, you have just hit the right place. With bustling chaat’s shops, Chandni Chowk is a total “foodie gali”. With kababs, biriyanis, dahi bhalla, and mouth watering chaats, this place is a haven for chaat lovers.

What’s your pick? A plate of golgappa’s on the roadside or a plate of pasta in a five star hotel? Do tell!