Top 10 Most Chased Out Vocational Courses

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Want to sign up for a vocational course?? But, don’t know which course to pursue? So, I am here with a list of top 10 vocational courses that are recently in great demand.

1. Film and Media

You have seen several movies directed by Raj Kumar Hirani, Aditya Chopra and Farhan Akthar. While watching these movies; is your mind clicked with a thought of becoming a director, producer or a script writer? If yes, then the course in media and film is for you. After pursuing this course, you can also work for TV channels.

2. Beauty Consultant

For looking gorgeous for a party or a wedding ceremony, what you do? You contact beauty consultants. But have you ever thought about pursuing it as a career? It’s one of the best paying careers. You can earn more with little investment. Now, what are waiting for? Rush to a nearby vocational school and sign up for this course, shortly!

3. Animation

Remember the movies- My friend Ganesha, Rama: The Savior, Toonpur Ka Superhero….These movies were super liked by children. You know what was special in these movies? Yes, you’re right! The animation effect! After entertainment industry, education industry makes use of animations. You can learn a lot about animation by pursuing a diploma course.

4. Interior Design

Growth in real estate and disposable incomes of the people, remarkable job opportunities have emerged for the interior designers. If you are creative and artistic, then this is the right option for you. After completing a course in this field, you may work with architectural builders and firms or independent architects.

5. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are the medical professionals, who assist ill, injured and old age people to move and accomplish functional activities. These professionals are in high demand in rehabilitation centers, fitness and sports centers, community health centers and hospitals. So, don’t think too much…enroll soon! A rewarding career is waiting for you!

6. Bio-informatic

Bio-informatics is a blend of IT and bio-technology, which aims at compilation, storage, scrutiny and fusion of biological data using information technology to enhance the quality of individual’s life. It’s one of the emerging streams. After pursuing a diploma in this course, you may be absorbed in biotech or pharmaceutical companies. You may also go for higher education in this field.

7. Foreign Languages

Globalization has opened numerous career doors for those, who have acquaintance of more than one foreign language. Some of the demanding foreign languages are Chinese, Persian, Spanish, Italian, English, German, Arabic, Japanese and Russian. After obtaining a diploma in foreign languages, you can attain the job titles of a translator or lecturer in universities and schools. You can also work in foreign language academies, embassies and consulates.

8. Fitness Instructor

Everybody wants to look fit and dazzling. For this, people use to join gyms and fitness academies. This paved a good career prospects for the fitness instructors. You can also grab this opportunity and become a fitness trainer by registering for this vocational course.

9. Hotel Management and Tourism

Due to government’s focus on tourism industry, a lot of career openings have emerged in hotel management and tourism. Government tourism departments, travel companies and corporate hotels are looking for eligible candidates. Pursue this course and be a part of hospitality industry.

10. Retail

Now-a-days, “mall culture” has spread rapidly. Even small towns are not untouched by it. It has lead to enormous opportunities for retail diploma and degree holders. After completion of the course, you may assume the job titles of store manager, floor manager, sales personnel, etc.

Choose one according to your interest and get prepared for a dream career!