Top 10 Ideas To Make You Feel Great Every Day

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It isn’t possible to be at your chirpy best every day. There can be days when you feel low, beaten, and sulky. And, that’s exactly when you need to feel good about yourself and cheerful about the world. Here are quick and sure ways to make you feel awesome each day, every day.

1. Look at yourself in the mirror


When we advise you to check yourself in the mirror, you may wonder “what’s new”? But, this isn’t just to check your make-up, or do your hair. This should be like a pep talk to yourself. Your strengths, weaknesses, achievements, etc.

2. Dance, dance, dance!


Dance like no one’s watching. Play some good music and shake that booty. There’s no antidote like dancing your heart out. Let loose. Embrace awesomeness.

3. Pay close attention to detail


This has nothing to do with your job or work. We plead you to pay attention to the little wonderful things in life. Like the smell of earth and the beautiful blue skies, after a good rain.

4. Don’t be reluctant to try anything new


Don’t say ‘no’ to new experiences, no matter how trivial they are. Happiness lies in evolving and constantly discovering new things. So even if it involves a new route to work, a new shape of sunglasses, or a new friend, say a yes!

5. Stay positive, shun negativity


Every problem has a solution, and nothing is permanent. Be optimistic, encouraging, and upbeat, even on days when there’s slight gloom. Your life is awesome, and there’s just no reason to fret over silly things.

6. Take the picturesque route


Take the prettier way to work even though it is slightly longer. It saves you the busy traffic (thereby making the time of commutation almost equal), and you can appreciate and enjoy the little things and wonders that fill our world. Appreciate your surroundings. Take respite in tiny delights.

7. Indulge


You deserve some pampering. So start. Whether it is a cupcake, a new dress or a new phone, gift it to yourself. Don’t shy away from indulging once in a while because that’s what we need the most at times. You are special, and there’s no harm in remind it to yourself.

8. Smile


Because that’s the best thing you can do with your lips. Scientifically, smiling helps to release endorphins that make you feel happy. When you’re smiling, people around you respond positively, which can increase your energy level and make your persona more awesome.

9. Spend quality time with people you love


No one likes being with people who pull you down. So the easy remedy is to surround yourself with people you love and who love you in return. It’s necessary to feel important, and people who care for you will show affection to you, and vice versa.

10. Be yourself


Don’t worry about what others have to say about you. If you like who you are, it’s good enough. If you constantly agonize about people around you, you might end-up feeling desolate. So do well, be good, and the rest will automatically follow.