Top 10 Holiday Spots For Solo Female Travelers in India

Travelling alone in India can be a great risk, especially for solo female travellers. One can never escape the wandering eyes of men who constantly want something out of you! And if you are a kind of woman who loves to discover something new every day, then this article is for you!

So, ladies who want to explore the mystical, whimsical, and beautiful Indian culture, have a safe stay! Read on these top 10 holiday spots for solo female travellers in India.

1. Coorg


Nature’s haven! Coorg is a small hill station that takes you away from all the hassle of city life. Cool breezy morning and a cup of delicious coffee are a wonderful way to relax on your holiday.

And if you love reading books, take a good number of books along with you, and sit back and read them in your cosy balcony. And if you are worried about accommodation, don’t be! Coz Coorg has a large number of homestays, built especially for women travellers. Since hill station is well-connected to Bangalore and Mysore, transportation is not a problem here. Relish the rich authentic food; go rafting in waters of Cauvery. Drink loads of fresh brew.

My tip:

Opt for a homestay, instead of a hotel in the outskirts of the main town.


2. Ooty


Beautiful lush-green tea gardens, meandering lakes, homemade chocolates, and the aroma of fresh tea everywhere, gives you Ooty. All the young gals are going to love this romantic getaway. Just like a romantic Yashraj film, you will find its ambience. It is indeed a magical world, and you have so much to travel. Women travellers have so much to explore in this tourist-friendly town. Ooty Lake, botanical gardens, Nilgiri Mountains, and the toy train! And if you are a nature-lover, we have all the ingredients for you.

My tip:

While sightseeing Ooty, opt for a cycle, which is easily available on rent.


 3. Munnar


All those female travellers looking for an idealistic vacation, Munnar is a breathtaking holiday destination for you. Lush-green tea gardens nestled between your rooms, clouds drifting into it, and where peace prevails is ‘Munnar’.  Travelling here is cheap. It’s not just Munnar; the journey to Munnar is indeed memorable. Accommodation is not a problem here; you will find here many shelter homes run by women.

My tip:

If you are a tea-lover, do visit the tea factory and get fresh tea leaves. 


4. Manali


Manali is not just a place for a honeymoon; it is a great destination for solo women travellers too, especially who is adventurous. Skiing, Para-Sailing, river rafting, Paragliding, and ropeways are the perfect ingredients for an adventurous holiday.  There is so much to discover in Manali, for a woman traveller. One can never say, “I am bored of Manali”. The localities in Manali are very friendly to tourists. This small hill town is safe, even if you explore at the night time.

My tip:

Try the local food ‘seethu’ on Manali road. You will love it! 


5. Puri


Those women travellers, who are seeking some spiritual and religious destination, can visit the Jagannath temple first, and then head on the beautiful beaches of Puri. And if you are a surfing freak, go and get a surfing board on rent, by the local schools on the beach. Predominantly, a spiritual and religious town, Puri is a perfect travel destination for women travellers. The beaches are marvellous; seafood is awesome; temples are magnificent, and shopping is great here!

My tip:

Don’t miss the stalls on the beach, which are selling local handicrafts. They are beautiful. 


6. Wayanad


If you are a woman who is brimming with energy, to explore and explore, Wayanad is for you! If you do want to sit back in your hotel room and relax, then trek on the high and low tracks of Wayanad. With Chembra peak, Eddakkal cave, and Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, Wayanad boasts some of the most beautiful scenic places in the country. And, if you love wildlife spotting, we have a busy schedule ahead, for you. Connectivity is not a problem here. The roads are well-connected to Ooty and Mysore. All you have to do is a trek, trek, and trek!

My tip:

Eat plenty of energy giving foods while you trek along the hills of Wayanad. 


7. Jaipur


When it comes to hospitality, nothing can beat Rajasthan. We bet the city truly follows the principle “Atithi Devo Bhavah”. Jaipur is a land of rich heritage and culture, and one can see its heritage preserved in its architecture. You will see beautiful havailees, palaces, forts, and temples while you walk through the walled pink city. And, if you are a hardcore shopaholic, you have plenty of things to do in the city. The legendary bazaars of the old city have loads of legendary shopping stuff that wait for you. Right from Bandhni print, antique silver and gold jewellery, blue potteries, heritage souvenirs, mojaris, antique jewellery, and colourful gorgeous saris, Jaipur has so much to explore.

My tip:

Try masala chai with kachori, from a shop in the old city. 


8. Pondicherry


If you want to experience the French hospitality, then Pondicherry fits the list perfectly. Solo women travellers can comfortably stay at the Aurobindo Ashram. The ashram fills you with peace and spirituality. The famous Matrimandir is worth visiting. And again, you have a lot to shop from the French colony. Pondicherry boasts some of the best food restaurants, as far as authentic food is concerned. The beaches are breathtaking to watch, and the seafood is amazing!

My tip:

The food, beach and people are fantastic here! Don’t miss either of them. 


9. Mahabaleshwar


Popularly known as ‘Kashmir of Maharashtra’ Mahabaleshwar is a quick holiday getaway from Mumbai. If you are tired of your noisy metro city life and want a break from your work, come to Mahabaleshwar. Mahabaleshwar’s pleasant aura will enchant you with its divine nature. Getting here is safe and easy for solo women travellers. You will find various tourist attractions to explore. And yes, relish loads of delicious treats here! Fresh honey, milkshakes, fresh fruits, and jams are some of the delicacies that are apt for a small weekend getaway!

My tip:

Stuff yourself with fresh fruits and jams for a few days coz these days fresh is rare!


10. Goa


With your sarongs, flip flops, girl gang, and the most important of all, loads of sunscreen, Goa is the perfect place to be!  If you have been longing to party all night long, then Goa’s night clubs are waiting for you. With rock music played everywhere, Goa is equipped with fun-filled evenings. The place is a paradise for fun-spirited soles. The seafood is amazing; the beaches are rocking; people are fun-loving, and the nightlife is happening! If you are looking for a rocking vacation, Goa is a worth visiting place!

My tip:

Travel light here! You can spend a whole day in a wraparound or a sarong! Nobody cares!