Top 10 Healthy Breakfasts Ready Instantly

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Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? But, in our rapid lives we hardly eat anything healthy to pump our health. Neeta Das, a college student opts for butter cookies and a glass of chocolate shake as her favourite breakfast meal (thanks to her working mom, who has no time to prepare breakfast early in the morning). Like Neeta, there are many others who undergo the habit of unhealthy eating. A butter cookie or a chocolate shake is not enough to boost your eating habits. All you need is a healthy and complete breakfast which can keep you going throughout the day. So, here I bring a list of healthy breakfasts for all the busy moms who have no time to cook early in the morning!!

1. Baked Beans And Toast

Try out something different from the usual toast and egg breakfast. A perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins which gives you super energy to keep you active all day long.

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2. White Bread With Peanut Butter

A nicely made homemade peanut butter and two slice of white bread is quite an energising breakfast. Peanuts are packed with the goodness of antioxidants and energising elements.

3. Paneer Whole Wheat Bread Sandwich

If you are a vegetarian, a layer of tofu, some sliced cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, salt and pepper are enough to hit your taste buds early in the morning.

4. Vegetable Daliya

This North food grain is quite popular in many households. Sadly, we have been neglecting this food since a long time. Daliya makes an excellent breakfast as it is power packed with carbohydrates and proteins. Add nuts and milk if you like it sweet.

5. Eggs

Be it a poached, boiled or scrambled!! Eggs are favourites among kids. Go for one or two. Adults who have high level of cholesterol must stay away from the egg yolks. And it is also a good source of proteins.

6. Steamed Idlis

Make the idli batter overnight or else you can buy the readymade batter from your nearby super market. Start your day with steamed idlis and a spoonful of honey (it’s yummy). Trust me!! It will save your time from making chutney.

 7. Oats

Oats are rich in fibre and maintain the sugar level. In addition to that, they ensure our cholesterol level. What’s more? They are made in a jiffy and are tasty too.

8. Poha

Poha is easy to make as it consumes very less time. Add chopped veggies, peas, and a handful of roasted peanuts for a delicious as well as healthy breakfast.

9. Cereal

 Go for cornflakes or wheat flakes, as they are filled with the goodness of fibre, carbs and proteins. All you need is to add some nuts and fresh fruits to add the zing to your meal.

10. Curd with Fruits

Nothing is more delicious than a fruit cream! So if you want to enjoy the same goodness of fruit cream, add this yummy curd pudding to your daily menu. Add chopped apples and bananas to a bowl of curd.

So, what’s your menu for the day?? Do tell!!