Top 10 Health Benefits Of Kissing

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I love you… Muaah! The collision of tongues and lips is ought to be after these three passionate words. Kisses are herald of love. Whether one is making out with a new college fling or one is locking lips with her partner… sometimes these passionate kisses are not just for fun, it does good in fact very good to your body. Before I start with the health benefits of kissing, it’s important for you to learn to deliver the right passionate kiss. So, here are some causes why one should spend more time in lip locks and smooching.

1. Kissing Is A Great Stress Buster

Because it makes you forget about all your worries, the fight you had with your boss, the missing keys of your car or your work deadlines. That’s because of the hormone “oxytocin” which is released from the brain and makes you instantly happy.

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2. Smooching Burns Calories

A passionate kisser can burn 3 to 6 calories per minute. Researches claim that a person who delivers a passionate kiss, thrice a day is likely to lose an extra pound. Isn’t that beneficial? Don’t you think it’s more fun than hitting the treadmill?

3. Delivering A French Kiss Encourages Saliva Production

Which eliminates the bacteria and prevents tooth cavities and tooth decay. What’s more advantageous than this? A kiss is the best way to fight for your germs…Gals! (Isn’t that mean)?

4. Lip Locking Is A Great Facial Exercise

I know you are more concerned about your toned up thighs and legs but what if a kiss could tone up your mouth and jaw line( never underestimate your facial workout). While kissing you use your 30 face muscles… isn’t that a strong point to keep baggy cheek bones.

5. Smooching Bids Goodbye To Your Allergies

If you pop up allergy pills rather than lip locking with your man… gal I pity you! According to a Japanese study, 20 minutes of kissing lowers the blood levels of an allergy antibody.  Honestly, this is my favourite reason to kiss.

6. Lip Locking Boosts Your Immune System

All the tongue tangling and spit exchanges (which are dirty) produce an antibody that helps you to develop immunity from getting sick again and again. So, it’s a kind of vaccination for you. Let the kisses keep coming on your way to keep you healthy.

7. Kissing Results In Longevity

According to an American study, those who bid goodbye kiss to their partners live six years longer than those who walk away plainly. Isn’t that a great idea to get cosy to your partner?

8. Lip Locking Boosts Your Heart Rate

I know you are already aware of the fact that a passionate kiss makes your heart beat fast but, do you know what makes you pound faster? Well, it’s the adrenaline which pumps more blood to your body.  So, next time kiss with all your heart out…Gals!

9. Smooching Is A Pain Reliever

Those who suffer from frequent stomach aches and cramps… there is a good news for you. Kissing gives rise to a “feel good” hormone in our bodies which eliminates all kinds of pains and swelling within the body.

10. A Deep French kiss Relaxes You from Within

A tight hug is a great way to show love, but there is nothing like a deep intimate kiss which bonds you romantically with your partner. So, whether it’s been a year into a new relationship or a seven years old relationship… don’t forget to kiss your loved one.

Now, if your mommy catches you doing hanky panky stuffs with a guy maybe you can make an excuse this time! After all it’s all about being healthy mommy! Right?