Top 10 Funniest Indian Commercials on Television

Mostly, advertisements give us a chance to switch to other channels, but there are some commercials that are too funny to let go. Here’s a compilation of top 10 funny commercials on our own Indian TV. Have a good laugh!

1.      Monacco

Nahi chalta hai bhaiya! 😀

2.      Virgin Mobile

The perfect bahaana to go for a vacation with your boyfriend!

3.      Godrej

Some things are better in full volume!

4.      Glycodin

Uhuu uhuu Rastogi! Epic!

5.      Heinz ketchup

Takes a while to come out! Indeed!

6.      Camlin Permanent Markers

True Louvv! This is one of my favorites!

7.      Center Fruit

The most interesting ATM ever!

8.      V Guard Inverter

This will inspire all GUYS to buy inverters for sure!

9.      Itchguard

Dont miss the incredible expressions of the khujli guy!

10.  Virgin Mobile

Seriously ‘Think hatke’! Hats off to the virgin mobile guys!

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