Top 10 Exotic Spa Resorts and Destinations across India

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Many people consider spa as an extravagant and luxurious affair and some take it just as a self pampering session. Besides that, spa has some great health benefits on your body. Spa is meant to recreate and rejuvenate yourself, cut off you from the rest of the world and cobwebs of life, and treats each part of your body so soothingly that it has never been treated the same way, ever before.

Today, I am revealing the top 10 exotic and quixotic spa destinations of India, where you can relax and chill with pampering spa services, offered to you.

1.     Ananda Spa in the Himalayas, Rishikesh


Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Ananda Spa is spread in over 24,000-square feet area, and offers its clients around 80 body and beauty treatments. Each spa therapy has been designed keeping in mind the traditions of Ayurveda, with a western spa approach. Some of the therapies that are offered at this majestic spa destination are- cleansing, de-stress, detoxification, anti-ageing and weight loss.
Each therapist is a qualified nutritionist and physician. They are well versed with knowledge of ancient massage techniques of India and also expert in western massage approach. The amalgam of both results in an impeccable massage experience.

2.     The Taj Malabar, Cochin


The Taj Malabar certainly adds more vibrancy to the green beauty of Cochin. It is an impeccable combination of nautical charm. Each and every spa treatment at this luscious location is tailor made for you. The oils that are used in these therapies are 100 years older and tested medically to benefit you. One can go for a deep rest massage to soothe mind and body or de-stress to tone the body. You can opt for a 3-day treatment or a 7-day long treatment, if you want to stay there for an extended period.

3.     The Spa of Oberoi, Wildflower Hall, Shimla


This magnificent spa destination is spread across 22 acres of land at 8250 feet above sea level.  Be it wood paneling or portraits hung on the walls, everything efficaciously reflects the grandeur of colonial era. One can enjoy the serenity of nature whilst relaxing by the pool side and enjoying a warm massage. One can also stroll through the pine forests and enjoy nature at its best. The destination is ideal for those, who want to detangle themselves from the hustle-bustle of life and spend some moments with their loved ones.

4.     Jiva Spa, The Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur


Jiva Spa at the Lake Palace is located at the beautiful location amidst Lake Pichola of Udaipur. Each spa therapy at this regal destination is designed on grounds of Ayurvedic healing techniques and spirituality. Services at this exotic spa destination are bound to give its clientele an overwhelming and more than satisfactory experience, while pampering them in a Royal Rajasthani tradition.  One can choose from amongst signature treatments, Indian therapies, body scrubbing and wrapping, and many other facilities.

5.     The Oberoi Raj Vilas, Jaipur


It is another opulent and serene spa destination in India that is located in the capital of Rajasthan- Pink City, Jaipur. The whole ambience and services at this outstanding location are inspired by royal era of Rajasthan. Healing hands of therapists and therapeutic oils promises to revive and rejuvenate your body in every possible way. You can discover the experience of getting treated royally at this quixotic location.

6.     Amatrra Spa, New Delhi


“Amatrra” considers itself as the silence that takes place during meditations, between recurrent chants of Om mantra. It is based on a new spa technique, called Astroayurveda, which makes a balance between positive and negative, external and internal energies in your body, and thus restoring harmony and calmness inside you. It sets a perfect balance between mind, body and soul as it is inspired by ancient Indian Ayurveda techniques and oriental spa techniques. Each body and beauty treatment is a researched one with its proven effective benefits on body. In short, it’s a world class spa that one should go on a weekend to get pampered and rejuvenated. 

7.     Kaya Kalp, ITC Mughal, Agra


The grandeur and regalia of Mogul architecture can be witnessed here. Spread across 99,000-square feet of land, this is the largest spa destination in India. Be it greenery, tranquilizing water, stone lattice work or pearl work, the whole scenery of this location is inspired by Mogul dynasty. It promises to create a soothing and a meaningful experience for each of its clients with its Ayurveda services and massages.

8.     Vivanta by Taj Bekal, Kerala


It is one of the finest spa destinations across India. It focuses on therapeutic cure and wellness of it clients with the help of Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation whilst pampering them in the bath of modern luxuries. From aroma therapies to wrapping, stone massage to scrubbing, it has got everything to soothe and fondle its clientele. For this reason, it has been awarded as one of the “Best Spas” across India, so many times.

9.     Sereno Spa, Goa


This spa is truly a revitalizing experience for those, who are looking to recreate themselves. Holistic massage treatments and therapies are designed to revitalize, and rejuvenate an individual from within. It has gathered numerous accolades in its kitty for being the best spa and best beach spa. Each and every treatment at this refreshing location is aimed at promoting wellness, serenity and at the same time detoxifying a person’s body.

10.     Divya Spa, The Leela Kovalam, Kerala


Divya Spa at the Leela Kovalam is a truly mesmerizing and enchanting experience. The whole spa treatment comprises of 3 doctors and 20 therapists, who are engaged in providing the best Ayurvedic cure to the clients. Medicinal plants that are used in the spa treatments come fresh directly from the spa greenhouse. With world class and luxurious amenities and fondling treatments, it is certainly one the best spa destinations across the country.