Top 10 Common Queries for Sleep Answered

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A sound sleep is critical for mental and physical health, we all know! We are living in a sleep-deprived society, where each one of us struggles to get enough sleep.  Due to one or the other reason, we are heading to the trap of ‘insomnia’.

Here, we share with you those sleeping related queries (and their solutions), which are common to everyone.

Question 1:

Bad nightmares sometimes awake me in the midnight. How can they be stopped?


Answer:   The therapy that can help you to overcome this is ‘Imagery Rehearsal Therapy’.

Question 2:

How does sound or noise (negatively or positively) affect one’s sleep?


Answer :   Some people are used to constant noise. As a result, their sleep stays unaffected by the noise. It is common with the people, residing near the railways or highways. However, sudden noise disrupts sleep, and leads to an un-refreshing sleep.


What are the harmful effects of being sleep deprived?


Answer:     Lack of sleep causes weight gain, affects memory and concentration, and in the long term, it makes one prone to cardiovascular diseases.


Is it bad to sleep with the television on?


Answer:   I won’t say that it’s bad.  It’s just that if you’ve trouble sleeping, the noise of TV may awake you. Also, the light emerging from TV may disturb your sleep.


When should I do exercise for a good night sleep?


Answer:    The best time to do exercise is about 5-6 hours before going to bed.


I’m unable to get enough sleep on working days. So, is it possible to make for that lost sleep during weekends, or should I take a proper sleep, every night?


Answer:    You can make just a little of your lost sleep during weekends, not as much as you lose during the nights of working days.


Does cuddling really affect sleeping pattern negatively?


Answer:     If the night cuddling awakes you, feeling good and refreshing, then possibly it doesn’t. Your sleep pattern may get affected, if your mate moves a lot in bed, during the night.


In order to take full advantage of beauty sleep, which food should I avoid eating, before going to night sleep?


Answer:     Say a complete ‘NO’ to large and heavy meals, at least 3 hours before going to bed. But yes, you may take light snacks (proteins and carbohydrates) an hour before going for sleep. Your evening meal should not be oily and spicy.


If the last night I happen to sleep late, should I still wake up at my regular wake-up time?

Woke Up Late

Answer:     Try to keep your daily wake/bed time same. You can sleep for an additional hour occasionally, if your last night is a ‘real’ late one, but not regularly.


Being a mom of a new born, I’ve to wake up many times for the baby? How can I take enough sleep?


Answer:     It’s a story of every new mom. You can sleep, when your baby sleeps. This way, you can get enough sleep.