Top 10 Colgate Smiles in Bollywood

The B-town is flooded with beautiful goddesses and mind blowing smiles! Starting from Madhubala to Madhuri, all of the actresses in Bollywood have Colgate smiles that will sweep you off your feet!

While, all the actresses have charming smiles, but there are a few ladies in Bollywood who leave us mesmerised with their “killer smiles”.

1. Madhuri Dixit


Her evergreen pearly smile can brighten up the darkest of minds! What can I say more about a woman who has a million dollar smile? She soon conquered millions of hearts with her pleasing smile.

2. Priety Zinta


While many actresses have captivated smiles, this girl has something extra! Yes, her lovely dimples. Preity still rules the hearts of Indian men in cinema and cricket pitch as well, with her cute dimple smile!

3. Aishwarya Rai


No doubt, she has the prettiest eyes in the world, but her doll face is incomplete without that giggle that she bursts out frequently in public. Be it a press conference, coffee with Karan, or talking to the media, Ash is sure to giggle! Of course, the lovely lady has a lot to giggle and smile at!

4. Deepika Padukone


Deepika officially has bagged up the tag for most beautiful smile. Nobody could be left apart by her dimpled cheek killer smile, and Dhoni knows this… So does Yuvraaj… And so does Ranbeer and Siddharth… And the list is to be continued! But this killer smile gal is blown away by SRK’s smile in the industry!

5. Rani Mukherjee


For all these years, media has not much to share about Rani Mukherjee. Right! Anyway, here we have something to share! What I love about Rani is her husky voice and clear and transparent smile. When I think about Rani, all I can imagine is of her hearty smile.

6. Priyanka Chopra


Piggy chops has effectively chopped men with her chocolaty lips and smile as she snaps why should boys have all the fun?” Call it a plastic smile or a pearly smile… She is the goddess of chocolaty looks.

7. Kajol


A smile can truly change the entire look of a person… many of us heard about it several times. Right! And, if we look at Kajol’s smile this makes us believe in it too! Kajol lights up, the screen with her ever green smile. Her high voltage smile brightens up her eyes too with a spark that reaches directly into the hearts of her fans!

8. Katrina Kaif


Katrina as the word suggests “pure heart” and so is her smile! Pure and innocent!  Kat has won the hearts of men despite not being well conversant in Hindi… This gal has conquered the cinema with her heart warming smile and her raunchy numbers.

9. Esha Gupta


Did you notice that glorious smile? The glimpse of her pearly white smile with her high cheek bones and deep black eyes make people go nuts over her! That is why Emraan sings to her “Yu Tera Muskurana … Kismet Ka Hai Khul Jaana”.

10. Genilia D Souza


Her smile works magnificently with her witty nature! A perfect combination of cute and naughtiness! Yes, we are a fan of this lady, when it comes to her million dollar isshmile!

 And Last but not the least, how can we forget the “Queen of Beautiful Smile” , when talking about the best colgate smiles ever….Madhubala, the eternal beauty with her eternal signature smile………


Who would you vote as the best “Colgate smile”? Do tell!