Top 10 Celebs Who Inspire Real Life Fashion

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Is it the wedding bells ringing? Or you have a designer who loves to experiment with your look, in every outfit he designs for you. Whether we work in an IT company or run a business, we are housewives or socialites; we need fashion like food in our daily lives. Even men get bored of wearing the same shirt over and over again. To look different, we look for inspiration; and that comes from the glamour world. So, we are following up some celebrities from Bollywood and abroad, who sport an aesthetic sense of fashion that anyone can pursue.

Take a glance of some all-time favourites and their favourite looks…

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1.      Deepika Padukone


Well, she’s on top because she’s my favourite. Jokes apart, I think Deepika has the most ecstatic and realistic sense of fashion in Bollywood. Be it the hot cream sari that she is delicately draped in or the classy pants she is sporting, her spontaneous connection with style makes her more desirable.


Love that top


The necklace


Perfect winter look


Effortlessly chic

2.      David Beckham


The star footballer with killer looks has been so rightly called Style Evolution. David Beckham is one of those, who are good at whatever they do. First Englishman to win league titles in four different countries, he has been most admired football player of all times. David has a tremendous sense of fashion, which drives him to sport a bold and beautiful character. Well, I love every bit of him, starting from his hair to his toes!


The bandana is just hot


David told the world what spikes were all about!


Casual and sporty


It’s cool!

david-beckham- leather- jacket

Both of them in black leather jacket

3.      Kate Middleton


The royal Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Elizabeth is a style icon with perfect and elegant attitude. She has taken the fashion world by storm as British call it, the “Kate Middleton effect”. Kate has been selected as one of the ‘100 Most Influential People in the World’ by ‘Time’. Her power dressing, which she has featured on numerous best dressed lists throughout the past decade, is surprisingly amazing. Her favourite labels are Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Issa, and Alice Temperley. Well, we love her in almost everything she wears.


Love the headgear


The hairdo just compliments the outfit


Elegant blue jacket with embellished collar and panels


Pregnant Kate in a polka dress


Clinched to perfection

4.      Shah Rukh Khan


Here comes the Badshah of Bollywood, sporting a fresh casual look in his latest ‘Chennai Express’. Be it the COOL pendant he wears in K2H2 or the black jacket and faded jeans teamed up in DDLJ, his Don-style pigtail or the hot long boots from Jab Tak Hai Jaan, SRK has always inspired the guys in unique way. Described as the best dressed celebrity in the industry, he is not only a heartthrob, but also a perennial superstar.


Metal-cap shoes, an edgy compliment to his tux.


His long locks in Don stole many a hearts away…


Mandarin-collar jacket and twisted spikes just complete the look.

5.      Sonam Kapoor


We are talking of fashion, so we can’t give a miss to Sonam Kapoor. She is one petty babe who loves to show it off, and why not; if you got it, flaunt it! Rightly called Bollywood’s style diva, Sonam is experimental, elegant, chic, and classy when it comes to dressing. I can compose an entire post just for her, ‘because she’s worth it’! However, here are some of the many to-die-for appearances that she has made at various events.




Beauty in black




Simple yet elegant


Lovely in the centre


High-waist pants and bellies


White lacy sari with jacket


The nath did the magic.

6.      Justin Timberlake


For all those who have grooved to the famous number Rock your Body sometime in life, this might be news that Justin Timberlake has been nominated as one of the most stylish men, in real life. Multi-talented Timberlake is an American actor, singer, song writer, and a businessman. While he likes to keep it cool most of the time, he looks equally dashing in a formal ensemble.


Chequered suit checks it right!


Wine-red croc jacket teamed with black pants


A formal casual look


Tye-dye pants with muscle tee

7.      Emma Watson


Intelligent Hermione Granger is the newest fashionista in town. Her sartorial choices have everyone gasping in awe of-late. Nerdy Miss know-it-all is a true opposite in her real life as she loves to experiment every look, with an elegance. The face of the leading fashion brands like Burberry, Lancôme and People Tree. Emma Watson likes to keep it chic and uptown. Here is she, at various award functions, and on some regular days.


She is stunning


Emma Watson waving to her fan


8.      Virat Kohli


Cheeku, as his fans call him, is a killer both on-field and off-field. With big games comes bigger responsibility, and Virat Kohli proved it by becoming the captain of IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore. His team has been one of the most successful and consistent teams in the IPL. And with success comes style. Virat has an aggressive approach, but with desi touch. Here’s to all Indian boys.


The man in black


He is a blazing hot


Smarty in style

9.      Priyanka Chopra


Now a rockstar, Piggy Chops loves to keep it simple but elegant. I simply love the way she does her hair, complimenting her attire every time. Remember the red-haired 2050 girl, our very own desi girl, who after sizzling in a golden bikini went down to a trim look in Anjaana Anjaani. With 2 international hit singles to her credit, now, PC fulfils all the criteria as a real fashionista.


Soft curls and a soft smile


Glam doll


Polka with red pants is daring


PC rocks in red cross-back gown

10.  Hritik Roshan


The Indian flying superhero is all set for a comeback in November, this year. With Krrish 3 up the calendar, Hritik Roshan is working hard to get it right. He has a refined personality both on-screen and off-screen. He loves cracking new hair styles and outfits, even in his usual routine. Here’s a look into his Greek godly style, which awesomely compliments his well-toned physique.


Hritik has his fair share of tux-appearances


Black and blue combo will never go out of fashion


Royal blue shirt on top of embroidered beige corduroy pants complimented with printed satin scarf


Casual styling


White sherwani in buttoned panel