Top 10 Brands: Every Girl Must Own!

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Are you a bit confused when it comes to brands? Do you get lost at shopping malls thinking what to pick? From the perfect fitted jeans to signature perfume…Our guide to “a branded fashion chick” will upgrade you with style.

Read on…

Levis Skinny Jeans


Skinny jeans…Incredibly skinny! A pair of deep blue jeans goes well with the latest tees. They are extremely easy going, and adaptable. They can be blended with anything. Be it long tops to jackets, or short tees to loose fitted shirts! Say goodbye to your baggy pants, and get SKINNY pants.

Titan Bracelet Watch


Yes! This is a statement accessory, not just the time telling machine! These watches are something that every gal would love to own. The bracelet cum watch gives you a peppy and classy look. It is radiating numerals show off its high fashion taste. Flaunt your hands with this luminous shined bracelet watch!

Gucci Shoulder Bag


I know that you already have a clutch but this shoulder bag is classic! The expensive shoulder bag is recommended by the fashionistas. It is admired by gals of every age. It can be carried with anything you wear. It is classy, sober, and trendy that certainly makes the perfect accessory for you!

Christian Dior Poison Perfume


Dior’s poison perfume, for women, has a refreshing and extremely feminine vibe. The Poison is gonna kill you with its lovely fragrance! It is sexy wearing it during daytime. You will find Dior in also the notes of red lychee, musk, and Kiwi. It will lure you in its sexy vibe.

MAC Mineral Foundation


It is a superb buy! Its buttery texture will soothe your skin in no time! If you want a picture- perfect face, go for it! This foundation is available in all the cosmetics store. Hurry and grab one!

Jimmy Choo Pumps


They are incredible! You can wear them with anything! Be it well fitted denims, a suit, or a kurti; if you are short go for pumps with heels. But make sure, you do not strain your foot! So the right pick is Jimmy Choo! I have been owning my pumps for six years. I know that it might be expensive for you, but the investment is something that is worth it!

Ray-ban Aviator Glasses


You may own many pairs of sunglasses. Necessarily not branded! If you own a pair of ray ban sunglasses, you will be a proud owner! I personally own two styles of them- one is aviator and other is cat eye. They are fab! They instantly make you stylish!

A Pair of Zara Top


It doesn’t matter if it is black, white, polka dots, or see through. A Zara top is a modern girl’s pick! The fabric is stunning; it is super comfy, and it fits on every body type. Pick any- tee, shirt, or a halter blouse! I would recommend you to go for black, peach, or white. They compliment you!

 Armani Long Coat or Jacket


It doesn’t matter if it is long for you coz long is sexy! Here, long means above the knee. I am not talking about the Eskimo coats! They pull with anything. Jeans, trousers, pencil pants, or even Indian wears. A black coat gives you a classy look! If you love leather, you have plenty to choose. What’s your pick- a bomber or a motorcycle jacket?

A Chanel LBD


My favourite LBD is one that has flirt cuts and backless. It is one of the best attires one can carry herself, from day to night.  It is my party- go- dress forever! What’s unique about LBD; does it looks fabulous on every body type? Pick one that compliments your personality, and flaunts your style.

Do buy all of them, and get ready to flaunt!