Top 10 Bollywood Babes’ Favourite Food

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For Kareena- it is pasta, for Sonam- it is chocolate, and for Priyanka- it is rajma chawal. It’s not only veggies and vitamins all the time… the menu changes from time to time. Every one of us has a list of our favourite foods and so do the Bollywood celebs. Since many of you enjoy reading about your favourite star’s gossip… here is a perfect article for you to read on.

   1.    Kareena Kapoor

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The super stunning diva loves to hog on to pastas and pizzas. She loves to eat noodles and spaghetti. While she was shooting for Tashan, she made sure that she had a plate of noodles, despite of her strict diet plan. To balance her diet, she eats a plate of salad and fresh fruits to stay in shape.

    2.    Priyanka Chopra

The dusky beauty loves gorging over burgers and cutlets. Being a typical Punjabi kudi, she has a massive appetite. She loves to munch on rajma chawal. While she was shooting for Krissh, Hrithik mentioned in one of his interviews, “Piggy chops eats like a horse… thanks to her metabolism, which helps her to stay in shape.”

   3.    Deepika Padukone

The south Indian lass is very much fond of idli and sambhar. She eats this religiously for her breakfast. She stays away from junk food most of the times, but when it comes to sev puri, this girl gets out of control. When she is shooting outdoors… she loves to gorge on Mediterranean cuisine.

  4.    Katrina Kaif

The British Lady loves to eat biriyani and kabab (thanks to Salman). Curd rice is her all time favorite meal of the day. Miss Kaif’s weakness is ice-cream. She can gulp down three scoops of ice-cream in a day. “It’s not surprising if she craves for an ice cream at 2 am in midnight”, says Salman.

   5.    Sonam Kapoor

The fashion diva loves chocolates ever since she read the story of “Hansel and Gretel”. She wouldn’t mind getting trapped under the magic spell of a witch, if the scary house was made up of chocolate. Be it a chocolate cake, pudding, or soufflé, she can have them all at once. She can completely live up on chocolates for 365 days (thanks to her sweet tooth).

   6.    Anushka Sharma

The pretty chick loves almost anything to eat. From Indian to Chinese to Mexican, she can gorge on any cuisine. Being a hard core non vegetarian, she loves to hog on butter chicken, prepared by her mom. When it comes to junk food, she just can’t resist momos.

  7.    Parineeti Chopra

The bubbly Punjabi gal is a hard core non vegetarian. She loves all kind of north Indian food. She starts her day with aloo ke parathe and curd. Parathas are her weakness. She is big foodie, and from chhole bhature to butter chicken, she can’t say no to any of them.

  8.    Bipasha Basu

The super sexy bong babe is completely a biryani freak. Besides biryani, she has a great desire for Bengali food. She loves to gorge on rosogullas. Whenever she is not shooting, she loves to eat “mom ke haathon ka gajar ka halwa“. Her fetish for Bengali sweets was ever since she was a child. All she wishes for is, “sugar free rosogullas”.

  9.    Shilpa Shetty

The sexiest babe of Bollywood is fond of corn pulao and chicken biryani. She loves to eat all kinds of rice preparations. Besides this, she loves South Indian food. Being a fitness freak, she opts for low calorie food most of the time. Her favourite breakfast meal consists of-upma and idli.

  10.   Aishwarya Rai

The blue-eyed girl can stay on dal- chawal 24×7. She likes to keep her meals plain and simple. A plate of rice along with an aromatic tadka dal and bhindi ki sabji, is enough to make her day; whereas, it’s totally opposite with her hubby (Abhishek). He loves spicy and north Indian food. You can very well imagine the tug of war this gal has to face over food.

So is it pasta or pizza ? Which celeb do you follow? Do tell!