Top 10 Best Dressed Indian Politicians

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Indian politics… as we hear this, we get a vibrant picture of somebody dressed up in white or grey Kurta payjamas and plain saris. Well, there is no hard and fast rule for our politicians to follow a dress code. Indian politicians are famous for their lousy dressing dense… but times have changed. We have some great politicians who have added grace, elegance, colour and style in our parliament. So, let’s see who is India’s best dressed politician?

1. Shashi Tharoor

Best dressed indian politicians

This London born man surely knows the answer to the wow factor. Mr Tharoor is one of the best dressed politicians we have ever witnessed in the Indian history. The man from Kerela marks his style with sober coats, colourful kurtas and smart waist coats. Thanks Shashi… we don’t find you wrapped up in dhotis or mundus like other Kerala politicians.

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2. Renuka Chowdhury

Best dressed indian politician

She is one of the stunning lady politicians of our country. This lady never goes wrong when it comes to picking colours that would suite her personality. From red, blue to maroons… she looks graceful in anything she wears.  Very less people know that she was a small time model when she was a college going student.

3. Agatha Sangma

Best dressed indian politicians

Her dressing sense is a true representative of Indian youth.  She is seen mostly in plain and casual t shirts, trouser and formal shirts. There are times, when she is spotted in traditional attires… Remember the oath taking ceremony? However, at times, she is spotted in salwar suites, but her heart lies in western clothes.

4. Sachin Pilot

Best dressed indian  politicians

Be it suites or kurta pyjamas, Sachin’s persona make him look elegant each time we spot him. His fan following list is endless if we talk about his fashion and taste. This man seems to inherit his late father’s taste of high fashion and style. At times, we also see a spark of Rajasthani culture in his dressing, which is marked with a red bandhini turban.

5. Omar Abdullah

Best dressed indian politicians

A brilliant combination of power and style. The youngest chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir is cool, hap and confident of whatever he wears. From contemporary outfits to sporty clothes and pathani suites… this man takes style to a different sphere of life. He is an ideal blend of modern and contemporary fashion.

6. Sonia Gandhi

Best dressed indian politicians

She is an Italian by origin, but her penchant for Indian culture knows no boundaries. Her wardrobe owns an elegant collection of silk saris to cotton saris and khadi saris. If one has to merge elegance with dressing, it definitely has to be the lady…Sonia Gandhi. The best part is she has maintained herself so well that whatever she drapes in… She looks great in it!

7. Ms.Vasundhara Raje Scindia

 Best dressed indian politicians

The flash of royalty is seen in her when it comes to dressing! She belongs to the royal family of Scandia’s from Gwalior. This gorgeous lady seems to own the best designer saris, jewellery, diamonds and leather bags. She just can’t compromise with quality it seems! The lady seems to be obsessed with leheriyas, bandhinis and floral chiffons.

8. Ms.Jayalaitha Jayaram

Best dressed indian politicians 8

Well, I would not rate her very high on my fashion list, but her elegant looks and gracious smile make her an attractive personality amongst the parliament members. She is mostly draped up in silk saris, and what make it special are her matching jackets on the sari. Neat and Descent!

9. Jyotiraditya Scindia

Best dressed indian politicians 9

The only politician who carries himself like a true rock star after our Munnabhai! Aviators, kurta pajamas and a pair of leather boots are enough to add the flair in Indian politics. There is a sense of effortlessness about this man. His clothing is mostly, white or black that reflects his good taste and high class.

10. Priyanka Gandhi

Best dressed indian politicians

It seems Priyanka has imbibed her mother’s fashion quotient. The Gandhi women posses an inhabited, tailored chic style of fashion. The lady drapes in muted colours and crisp cotton saris. A true representation of modern Indian woman. Sometimes, she is also spotted in jeans, fitted trousers with crisp white sweaters and shirts. Hence, we call her the… Modern Indira Gandhi.

We would appreciate if the next political era would be more colourful and catchy!