Too Easy to Murder your Friends on Facebook! WTF!

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Mark Zuckerburg likes experimenting with facebook a lot. We’ve seen the transformation of Facebook with the interactive timeline, enhanced sharing, improved privacy(juz kidding!), and a lot more. Recently, Facebook has come up with an option of ‘memorialization’ for the accounts of deceased people. But, the point is Facebook has made it exxxxtremely easy. All it asks is the name and email id of the deceased person, your relationship with them (friends, family or others! Wow! Genius ). It does ask for a proof of death for which you can just look up for an online obituary with the same name (even if the spelling differs).

Here’s how I killed Sulochna Methwani on Facebook!

P.S. NOT a PRANK, for she knows about the murder and is a partner in crime too!

So, for memorializing an account you simply have to fill this form, which doesn’t ask for any evidence of my relationship with her or anything.

Here’s the link to the form-

For the proof of death,  all you need is an online obituary with the same name (in fact, it has an extra ‘a’ too, which Facebook doesn’t mind). Also, Facebook isn’t bothered about confirming the details, so it doesn’t matter if the dead Sulochna lived in Gujarat and the one am trying to kill lives in Jaipur! Seriously! I thought Facebook was smarter than this!

And, now when I send the memorialization request. Sulochna’s account is memorialized, and she is R.I.P!

So, when Sulochna tries to login to her account, this is what she gets –

And, to get back to your account, you have to fill another form! (Phew! Too many forms. I thought I was done with forms, when I graduated.)

And, the reply is obviously not instant. It might take few hours to a few days! And when the account get reactivated(or should I say you get reincarnated)

You receive a mail from Facebook which says:

“It looks like your account was suspended by mistake. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. You should now be able to log in. If you have any issues getting back into your account, please let me know.”

Well, just that ‘inconvenience’ seems like the understatement of the decade to me!

People have also started pranking their friends with the stupid account memorialization!

Some Tweets…

Warning: It’s not recommended to try to kill the Facebook accounts of your living friends. Death is not funny guys, and you don’t wish to be a pain in the ass!