To the Modern Gold Digging Brides: Bliss or Illusion?

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Are you a gold digger? Yes, no, maybe… you don’t know! Well that’s how my mind responded to the question. So let’s see, if you are unknowingly getting into deep shit. Yes! That was blunt but it really is!

Niharika is 24 and looking for a match. Riches and luxuries top her priority list. Don’t get me wrong. She is no insensitive, materialistic bitch… just another ordinary girl from a middle class family who is now looking for an extraordinary life, which she believes, only money can grant her. Not that she doesn’t want an emotional and sensible match but saying ‘I wish to have someone sweet, understanding and caring to be my partner’ would make her look stupid and dare she uses the ‘romantic’ word, she will be assumed the starry eyed girl who never grew out of her teens.

This is unmistakably the age of hyper-materialism. The age of ‘gold digging brides’… that would be partial, who says men are a tad behind (the lavish weddings and the unending dowry) and the best part is, we find it completely justifiable. ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ has been easily replaced with ‘you just need to know where to shop’! I don’t completely disagree with that one (being the shopaholic that I am) but is it all? If it is so then why do a breakup hurts more than a broken shoe and why is it more difficult to move out of a relationship than from your favorite store. Deep inside we all know that we need… scratch that, crave for emotional security and a man who understands our emotional needs is always better than a man who is merely a credit card to you.

Beauty has become the most favorite weapon to get the richie rich hubby. A week ago I came across this post from a gentleman (and trust me, the post was not so gentle). The post was a reply to a girl looking for a suitable (and filthy rich) match in which she had outlined the fact (maybe) of her being extraordinarily beautiful and articulate. The interesting reply considered the marriage proposal a business deal (which, it was) and the man named her beauty the depreciating asset as with age it’s bound to fade and his money the appreciating one as it is more likely that his wealth would expand and hence the deal was not as lucrative as it seemed. Well, the point here is if you don’t respect ‘marriage’, the ‘marriage’ won’t respect you either.

Its only when the emotional security is missing, we turn towards the monetary one which is completely seductive and takes the control. Sapna, 25 has admitted that getting a pricey gift gives her a high. Wearing top brands, dining in the 5 and 7 stars and having a lifestyle identical to celebrities gives her an internal satisfaction (in her words) and so she married a man who is twice her age and of great fortune, of course. Asking further, we came to know about their marriage apart from the financial partnership. A girl of her age has other needs in terms of love, sex and emotions… what about that? Can she claim to have overgrown the natural inevitable desire for love? No she doesn’t! She has been in an extra marital affair with 4 different men in the 2 years of her marriage. She is a chain smoker, alcoholic and dopes once in a while. Now you know what I meant by ‘deep shit’. Unfortunately, this is not the story of one girl; there are innumerable girls around us who get trapped in their own hedonism.

Psychology says that such people have a tendency to find pleasure in material things. The effect is similar to that of drugs or alcohol. It gives you an instant high, an illusion of contentment. But what after that, once you’ve achieved the material gratification you are left with a gaping hole that speaks of emotional insecurity and emptiness. With the increasing rate of divorces, extra marital and adultery it is evident that all said and done, a human needs the emotional support and the much publicized love (though in the non-filmy way… or filmy whatever makes you happy).

Now you must be thinking… you’ve seen happy rich couples too. But the idea here is of the mindset we possess while entering into a relationship. Money, of course is important but to what extent and whether it’s okay to let it overpower our emotional needs… I leave it on you to answer!    :Approve: