To make you a Perfect Wedding Guide

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Do you enjoy weddings, passionate about helping others to plan their weddings? If yes, this lucrative and exciting career in wedding planning could be yours. You can convert your hobby into a profession and do something that fascinates you……you enjoy doing! And say: Dum Dum Mast Hai Profession!

Every bride since she was a little girl, probably dreams of her wedding. Brides of today spend more money than ever before. They want to ensure that their D-day is planned to perfection. This fantasy of perfect wedding is turned into reality by ‘Wedding planners’. Whatever it takes, they ensure wedding goes enjoyable and stress -free experience for the couple and family members.

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Today, Wedding is a big business. The wedding industry is flourishing at a faster rate. It is a prosperous, thriving and healthy industry to enter for those who hold genuine interest in organizing the happiest and blessed day of people’s lives.

Some of you might be well aware of what this career is all about and some are not. So, why not start by knowing this profession a little more in detail. To begin with, I would like to invoke your memories of the movie, ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’. On a lighter note, this movie succeeded in telling its audience who professional wedding planners are and what they are supposed to do as a part of their job responsibilities. That was just a trailer of what these professionals do to make a perfect wedding experience, a celebration of a lifetime.

Tips to Success

If you think profession of a wedding planning is right for you, catch up the following SEVEN tips:

  • Communication

It is a people business, so strong communication skills are must.  Most of the time you are communicating, communicating and just communicating- sometime with the groom, bride, wedding guests, wedding vendors,  couple-relatives and other wedding professional. Communication is necessary to design a wedding that reflects individual taste and personality completely.

Communication should be such that you could develop a bond with your clients. Mutual respect, trust and honesty form the foundation of this bond and with this bond only you will be able to create a wedding day that will be remembered fondly by all.

Remember, bride and groom form a ‘dream team’, without whom it is practically impossible to make this special event happen!

While hosting a wedding, you may across a situation that examines your diplomatic skills. Control the urge to respond unkindly.  Your personality is something that people remember; make it Positive!

If you aren’t willing or able to get give personal or warm touch in your communication, via telephone, e-mail or in-person, I suggest you to rethink over this entire wedding planning thing.

  • Creativity

Nobody wishes to give their wedding a look that they’ve been to. Do you? No, none of us! So, you have to be a genius enough to deliver creativity, vowing your clients to make their wedding one of its kind.

I accept, none of us is born with creative genes. Not to worry! TV shows, magazines, the internet and various wedding- planning associations exist. Spend some time; explore these resources, new ideas will definitely surround you.

By this, I do not mean that you copy and paste others creativity on your clients’ wedding. Be smart, put your spin on the ideas and trends surrounding you and then plan events.

Maintain an ‘Idea- Binder’ to collect stuff that inspires you- fabric swatches, photos, samples……everything that make you say “Wow!” in first look. It will definitely let your creative juices flow.

Catch up on the latest, ongoing styling and trend in weddings. Brides want fresh and original ideas.

  • Resourcefulness

Great wedding planners maintain a ‘system’ (like idea book) to place captured ideas.  If you find designer or expensive stuff, look for similar kind of item which is less-expensive. Believe me, your bride will surely adore it.

  • Organisation

A skill of developing systems and being organized is something that truly separates you from hobbyists and identifies you as a professional wedding-planner.

Remember! You aren’t planning your sister’s wedding.

As a professional planner, create a system that covers every base of a wedding. Just a small mistake or forgotten detail is enough to make the difference. You have to create a system just once. As you done with it, you just need to follow it step-by-step, everything will fall into places – that’s the beauty of great system!!

As the planning progresses, you need to remind a couple of what to happen next, when and how- that’s why you are being hired.

Create checklists for the events that are to be organized in a day to stay Super-Organized.

  • Detail-Oriented

Personalized services, elegant designing styles and meticulous attention to detail are important!

As we all know, how vibrant and elaborate Indian weddings are! Being a professional planner, you need to bring detail and style to every wedding event. Whether it is an intimate and small affair, an exotic destination knot or a large royal- wedding, only with unique personal touch and proper blend of sophistication, you can make a wedding-memorable and special!

There is no way around, if you can’t deal with things in detail. You have to learn to get into thick of things.

  • Stay Calm

Wedding is a personal event. Brides do become stressed- out, even when planner is there and it becomes worse as the day of wedding approaches. It is important that you yourself stay calm and also calm others’ nerves. Think on your feet and come up with another plan- ‘Plan B’, if plan A fails.

Hope for the Best and Plan for the Worst” – a perfect saying that goes with wedding planning.

  • Fashion Sense

A good taste in fashion is important. You are expected to help bride in choosing a proper and the best attire and other bridal accessories for her wedding party; taking care that everything match-up perfectly with the wedding formality.

  • Strong Network and Co-ordination Ability

Wedding event can’t be planned perfectly without the support of videographers, photographers, caterers, florists, hotels, jewelers, rentals halls and churches, disc jockeys, musicians, travel agents and make -up artists. Strong network and healthy contact with these professionals ensure delivery of reliable and high-quality wedding services.

Including this, top notch co-ordination skill is necessary. You have to coordinate everything from the first wedding dance to the last good-bye; venue to theme, decorations, videography, photography to planning wedding budget- handling everything.

  • Money Management

Most wedding planners pay no heed to the skill-‘Financial-Management’. They lack know-how on creating wedding budget and managing it effectively. If you choose up this profession, always keep in mind- a workable budget.  Planning a wedding is not just about ‘Creativity’ and ‘Fun’.

Couples got bundle of ‘ideas’ for their wedding but no ‘idea’ of cost that their dream wedding carries.

Software packages for budgeting are available to help you. If you do not use them, seek the help of spreadsheet application (Microsoft Excel).


This business is extremely competitive, demanding, stressful and carries small profit-margins. You work on a numerous elements over which you may have no control. If you specialize in a particular section of a wedding planning, such as ethnic weddings, destination weddings or only-wedding-day coordination, you can corner a niche and survive successfully in this competitive market.


  • Keep your ego under control. Planning a wedding is not about you, but about your clients.
  • If you’re serious to make your career in this field, do take some time off and seriously assess your personality and skills. Ensure it’s a right career for you before jumping for it.
  • If you’ve taken a decision and made up your mind to become a wedding planner, FANTASTIC! Now, contribute your time in developing necessary skills of a professional wedding planner to turn your passion into a big SUCCESS!

Chant the mantra: ‘Wedding Aapki, Tension Hamari!’ to progress.
It’s up to you how you control your profession and progress wisely on the right career.

Happy Wedding Planning!! 🙂