To a Better World

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Getting acquainted with your inner self does not happen every day. It’s one of those rare occasions when you connect with your higher self and come to ponder the meaning of life, the necessity of your surroundings and the existence of all that is a part of the solar system. No matter how tiny, no matter how humongous. Your life is made up of every little moment that together defines your stay on this planet. So remember, whatever happens here, there’s a reason to it. Each occurrence has a function and every stumbling block is there to teach you a lesson and make you wise. Realise, that failure, be it spiritual, professional or personal in nature, is fundamental to personal growth. It heightens inner development and brings an entire horde of spiritual expansion. Never repent your past, instead, embrace it for what it taught you.

Never forget, a rainbow needs both sunshine and rain to emerge from the clouds. And the same applies to our lives. Bliss and grief go hand in hand. Fighting hardships will only make you stronger and better. We sure can never take control of what happens to us or all the experiences that shape or contour our lives, but we can alter our response to them and our reaction to each adversity. After all, when the storm comes, there is a risk involved on the face of the ship sailing in open water. But if the ship sits in the harbour waiting for the storm to go away then it is going to rust anyway and this is not exactly why the ships are build for. Challenges never stop, you get past one, and there is another one waiting to test you, to make you stronger. It’s imperative that you never run yourself down. Do not take the ‘good things’ in life for granted. After all, life isn’t just party and pleasure, it can, at times be, pain and despair. Sometimes everything will turn upside down, bad things do happen to good people, but that’s just because God sees in you the ability to handle every difficulty. You cannot choose the circumstances of your birth or the events that mould your life, but you sure can shape your reaction to them and aspire for a better life. If the ball bounced the wrong way for you, what do you do? Cry or grab the ball and run? The choice is yours to make.