Tips to Make Paneer at Home

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We love to eat ‘Paneer’ in multiple forms – whether it’s Mutter Paneer, Palak Paneer, Paneer Pakoda or sweets, we love it in all forms. Though it’s easily available in market but can be readily prepared at home as well.

Here’s I share tips of making a Paneer at home which is soft and fresh to make your dish more palatable.

It needs only few ingredients for its preparation. To name, they are –

  • Milk (Skimmed or full cream milk as you prefer)
  • Acid (Lime Juice, Vinegar or Citric Acid)

Curdled milk can also be used to make Paneer. If it stinks or tastes bad, don’t use it.


  • Heat the milk in a pan. Pan should be thick bottomed.
  • When milk begins to boil, add acid (I often use lime juice) and turn off the flame.
  • Stir the acid added milk for a minute. You will find milk solids getting separated from the whey.  Allow it to cool a little.
  • Use a strainer having a fine mesh or cloth strainer to drain the liquid.
  • After draining all the liquid, rinse the milk solid under the tap water. It removes the taste of used acid (lemon).
  • Tie the milk solid and hang it for about 1- 1 ½ hours, if using a cloth. Otherwise, put the heavy weight (stone, jug of water or pan) over the cloth wrapped Paneer instead hanging.
  • To let the liquid come out fast, place a thick kitchen towel beneath the cloth -wrapped Paneer.

Important Tips

  • To make flavored Paneer, add freshly chopped coriander leaves or pepper powder to the boiling milk. This flavored Paneer can only be used in making curries not sweets.
  • Depending upon the dish you intend to make out of Paneer decides the amount of water to be released from the Paneer. Like, for desserts (Rasgullas) we need soft Paneer, so 1 hour sapping is sufficient.
  • To make Paneer cubes, a little harder Paneer is needed, so drain it for a comparatively longer period. To make Paneer cubes, shape the Paneer into a rectangular or square while it is still wrapped in the cloth. Handle the Paneer tenderly while cutting.