Tips to Make Fluffy Rice

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Cooking rice is one of those activities that appear easy but when tried, it is not.  To cook tasty and fluffy rice, following tips are highly useful to beginners:

Rinse Well

Rinse the rice about 2-to-3 times. It removes the excess residue and starch that makes the rice gummy and sticky. Flavor also improves.

Don’t Use Decayed Rice

In case rice takes longer time to cook than usual, you need to check whether they are stale rice. Stale rice loses their moisture content so they need more water and longer cooking time.

Oil Addition

Addition of a tbsp of oil to the rice cooking water prevents the grains from sticking to each other.

Refrigerate Rice

To keep rice, particularly brown rice fresh for longer period, refrigerate it.

Use a Heavy Bottomed Pot

Cooking rice in a pot having heavy bottom (copper bottom) is the best choice.

Soak Rice in Water

To make rice in the following morning, leave the rice soaked for overnight in cold water. It speeds up rice cooking and also makes the rice soft giving them fluffier texture.

For Fried Rice, Leftover Rice works Best

To make fried rice, save leftover boiled rice. They are perfect to make fried rice. Following the food safety directions for storing boiled rice, cool down the cooked rice and refrigerate it to the earliest within 2 hours. If required, you may also divide the rice into two bowls to speed up their cooling thus ensuring its quick refrigeration.

Enjoy trouble free rice cooking!