Tips to Keep Your Eyes Forever Healthy

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Eyes are the most striking part of our face and it’s true, first thing any person discerns is our eyes. We say eyes speak everything, so it’s our responsibility to make sure our eyes look their best.

Here We Giving You Few Tips to keep Your Eyes Healthy-

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  • It’s true that dynamic eyes are the most attractive eyes. If your eyes are red, swollen, unhealthy, no amount to makeup can make them beautiful.
  • Always commit to memory to maintain a distance of at least 8 – 10 feet between your TV screen and your eyes. Remember to blink your eyes often while watching TV to keep your eyes lubricated. We also recommend you not to turn off your room lights while watching TV and give your eyes a crack after every one hour.
  • If you operating a computer then don’t forget to use a screen filter and also standardize the contrast and brightness of the monitor. To trim down the eye fatigue, look up and focus on any object in the distance.
  • People, who really care for their eyes, don’t forget to go for regular eye checkups.
  •  To avoid eye strains, give your eyes a couple of minutes rest by closing them.
  • You should always put on sunglasses against sunlight.
  • People, who use contact lenses don’t overlook to store your lenses appropriately and always confiscate them before you go off to bed.
  • At all times, eat nutritious food. Vitamin A and C are very important for maintaining healthy eyes. Dairy products, milk and eggs are the good source of vitamin A.
  • Girls, it’s really essential for you to comprehend the importance of healthy eyes so never forget to remove eye makeup before you go off to sleep.

  • If something irritates your eyes, it’s advisable not to rub your eyes with force instead wash your eyes straight away with clean cold water.
  • If you are out in open and your eyes are hurting. You can find any green plant or tree and start staring. Green colour gives smoothing sensation to the eyes.
  • Lastly, we propose you to wear anti glasses every time you sit in front of computer or watching TV or while driving.

Home Remedies to Make your Eyes Look Flashing –

  • Pour cold water in one bowl and cold milk in another. Take clean gausses and dip one in water and other in milk. Then apply these wet gausses around the areas of your eyes and over your eye lid to help your eyes feel relax and fresh.
  • Keep cucumber slices on both the eyes or use chilled cucumber juice. We need to dip the gausses in the juice and put over eyes.
  • Castor oil is excellent for massaging eyes. It makes them feel limber up and unsullied.
  • Drink lots of water, carrot, cucumber juice. Lemon juice once in a day helps your eyes unwind.


We hope the remedies which we have recommended will help you in adding that extra finesse to your eyes to feel fresher and will make you look more dazzling and stunning.