Tips on Peeling and Cutting Vegetables

Peeling and cutting the vegetables is an art in itself. If you wish to be the master of this art, then follow the tips given below:

  • Don’t wash vegetables after cutting or peeling them. Wash them before you cut or peel. It preserves the water-soluble vitamins.
  • Peel off the vegetables as thinly as you can to preserve vitamins and minerals.
  • Soak eggplants and potatoes after cutting. It avoids their discoloration.
  • Do not throw the water in which you have boiled the vegetables. Keep it and use it in making the gravies.
  • Wrap or keep coriander leaves in a muslin cloth bag and then refrigerate them. This keeps the coriander leaves fresh.
  • To prevent apples from getting brown after you cut them, apply a little lime (lemon) juice on the cut surface. This keeps apples look and stay fresh for a longer time.
  • While storing the green chilies, remove their stems. It keeps them fresh for long.
  •  To peel off the skin of the almonds easily, keep them soaked for about 10 mins in boiled water.
  • Peel the onions cut them into half and soak in water for nearly 10 mins before you cut them. It avoids crying.
  • For easy chopping of dry–fruits: freeze-dry fruits for about 1 hour, immerse the knife into hot water and then cut.
  • Chop vegetables on a wooden board using a sharp knife. Chopping them on marbles will blunt your knife.
  • Wrap vegetables and fruits in the newspaper before you refrigerate them. It keeps them fresher for a longer duration.