Timeless Style Tips For A Diy At Home Makeover – 2020

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We went to a big salon and paid a massive amount of changing our look. Sometimes, we all are not able to go outside or want to change our look. The mind has been stuck, and new ideas have not come to mind. You think that maybe with old dresses and makeup you can’t change up your look. Perhaps many people are confused about which style of clothing looks best on us. In that situation, we need guidance and new ideas to change our routine or look. Now everything is possible, in our article we show you new tips and tricks that will help you in complete makeover from head to toe and change your look quickly. For more information, read on.

Timeless Style Tips For A Diy At-Home Makeover – 2020

1- Hydrate your skin

If you are a party lover, have irregular eating habits, and cannot sleep properly, then definitely, you do not have refreshing or glowing skin. For making your skin glowing or hydrating at home, use those products which have hyaluronic acid vitamins E and K. These are the ingredients that are best for hydrating your skin and boosting your natural collagen in the skin. You must use a hydrating mask at least one time in a month, which contains fatty acids and humectants like soy protein and panthenol. These are two tips that help you to improve the skin texture and also hydrate your skin.

2- Strategically show skin

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If you want to show skin strategically, then just show only one part of your body and cover the other parts of the body with a cloth. It would help you to create a new look at home quickly. I mean that, if you want to show just your one leg then cover the rest of the body with a small cloth. Same as that, you want to show your shoulder, then cover your arms and upper body parts with fabric, and this trick will give you a sexy look.

 3- White button-downs

A white button-down is a good idea to create a classic look without any struggle. You can choose a white shirt of your size and wear flared pants or pencil trousers; it will give you a sleek look. If you want to look formal, then wear a simple white shirt with a pencil skirt. You can also wear blue jeans or a colorful pencil skirt and create a simple hair bun to look more formal or casual. Try this trick; it will help you to create a new look.

4- Bright accessories

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When you go outside, wear contrast things like, if you wear a natural outfit in a light color, then choose a dark color handbag or wear black shoes with them. It will give you a very classy and fantastic look. If you want to wear a full white or black dress, then choose a pink color handbag or wear nude color shoes with them.

5- Choose professional eyebrow shaping

Choose the perfect eyebrow shaping according to your face look; it will completely transform your face. When you sharpen your eyebrows, the eye area looks neat and lifted. It will give the younger or perfect look that you want. The New York makeup artist says that you look gorgeous with one work that only cleans your brows properly. It will enhance your facial features and give you a new look.

5- Heed our must-know home hair coloring tips

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The hair coloring is a rapid tip to change your look. First, you choose two shades within your natural hair color and need proper care to maintain the color. This concise change gives you a new look and changes your appearance. After coloring your hair, use a hair mask to protect the hair from damaging or split ends.

6- Hem your pants

Most of the people make a minor mistake that doesn’t choose the perfect length of the pants and jeans. It will give you a messy or strange look. So, first, select the ideal range or size of your jeans that will just touch your shoes. It will give you a more classy and different look.

7- Try a new makeup look

You can create different looks with makeup, try new eye shadows, a new lipstick, and base. Only use that base color which matches with your skin tone. It will give you a perfectly natural look. New lipstick color will change your face look; this is the most fantastic trick. You should try it and create a fresh look at home quickly.

8- Up your hair game

Most people want to change their look or go to salons and waste a lot of time sitting there. They think that maybe it is not possible to change the look at home. This is not true, you need a curler and just curl your upper hair. Then, choose the style of the curl according to the look you want to create. It will give you a surprising and casual look. We suggest you one more tip before going bed curl your hair and make the french braid. The next morning, simply untie your hairs and comb with the fingers. You can get natural beachy waves and look so classy.

9. Know your body shape

Many people want to look gorgeous in their outfit; it doesn’t matter what they should wear. Then, it is essential to know about body shape and choose clothes or stitch according to body shape or size. This tip will help you to create a new and gorgeous look. I mean, if you are fat or wear tight clothes then you should look ugly. You should wear or purchase clothes according to your figure.

10- Size down in denim

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If you are confused, what size of jeans should you buy? Then bought the small size jeans because jeans are stretchable and it doesn’t look ugly. It is a better option because long length jeans give you a silly and informal look.

11- Check the mirror

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When you get ready, see yourself in the mirror. We meant that by checking the mirror, you should know about what you look like? Consider your every angle, even from back or front. It will help you to complete your look and also this will satisfy you. It is a rapid and simple tip that may be many people already know about it, but this tip will help you to achieve a perfect look.

12- Layer necklaces

3-Pack Rose Gold Cross Layered Necklace Set | Layering Necklaces ...


You can wear two three beautiful necklaces with one dress and try to wear the layers of necklaces. It will make your clothes look more attractive. Wear a light color necklace with dark suits and with bright dress wear dark color necklace. The white color necklace is fit with all color clothes and gives you a fantastic and new look.

 13- Check the inside

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The quality of the cloth is essential, you should buy right and high-quality fabrics. If you wear a good quality dress, it sharpens your personality and gives you a new or professional look. The texture of the cloth is essential, whether it is expensive or not. This is a very informative tip that will help you to look beautiful.

14- Stay open-minded

Have you ever received a dress from someone and they aren’t useful to you? If yes, then think positive or stay open-minded and give it a try. You should try to wear every style of clothing; it will provide you with a new look. Try new style clothes and look gorgeous.

15- Nude pumps

Qupid Women Shoes Show-01 Nude Patent Pumps

Shoes play an essential role in refining your personality. You should wear nude color shoes; it will adjust with all dresses and give you a beautiful look. Nude color-matched mostly by the natural color of people and looks much better than other color shoes you should wear. These shoes will also give your legs a fantastic look and make your feet gorgeous.

16- White needs light

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White color looks perfect in the day time. Wear a white color dress in the light; it is an ideal option to choose. But don’t take any risk, maybe it will not suit you. So, before going outside, wear it and go in the light. If you think it will change your look then go out otherwise you have the option to wear a black color dress. It is a simple makeover; try it at least one time.

 17- Fix your buttons

Fancy Mint Green Evening Dresses Front Buttons Deep V Neck Satin ...

There are many factors by which your clothes look cheap, and the buttons are one of them. If you should wear expensive clothes, then make sure to fix your buttons. It will change your whole look, and you look so weak or stanger. If you do not know how to fix your buttons? Then try to wear clothes without buttons. Don’t do anything which spoils your personality.

18- Embrace color

It is essential to wear a proper color combination; otherwise, it can embarrass you in gathering. Choose pairing two colors, which will make you think that both are similar to each other. The perfect color combination will give you a good and pleasant look.

19- Incorporate a face mask to give yourself glowing skin

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A face mask is essential to keep the skin nice and fresh. When we apply makeup daily, it damages our skin. Face masks help to heal our damaged skin and help to close the skin pores. You will notice a noticeable difference in your skin after the first use, and with the time, you look beautiful and gorgeous. You can use DIY home masks or charcoal masks that remove your dead skin and make your skin glowing. The natural and fresh skin will give you a new look.

20- Hide the appearance of cellulite by giving yourself a bronzy glow

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Every woman has a little bit of cellulite, whether they accept it or not. It is not a big issue. We can reduce cellulite by exercise, and you can look more beautiful than ever. Here we will show you a new trick quickly to hide cellulite. You just need a bronzing body lotion and add a small amount of shimmer in it. You can only apply it to the body, and this will give you a very glowy look. This trick hides your cellulite and gives you a bronzy glow look.

21- Try a thicker belt

Nowadays, there are different types of belts available in the market, such as hot belts or other body shaping belts. If you are fat or have a random body, then wear a thicker belt before wearing the clothes. It will give you perfect body shape and will clarify the shape of your waist. It will provide you a classy or modern look.

22-. Make sure you are wearing the correct size bra

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If you want to look gorgeous, then wear a perfect size bra. If you do not wear a perfect bra, it will give you a messy or strange look. Sometimes you do not know how to measure the ideal size of your bra, and you get confused. In this situation, you should go to the professional and take her help.

  23- Spend on accessories

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If you want to look gorgeous, then spend money on accessories. When you wear a beautiful dress, then it is necessary to wear rings and necklaces or also grab the purse with it. It will enhance your personality or give you an amazing look. The look of your clothes comes from your shoes and accessories.

24- Do regular mani/pedi at home

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You can do regular mani/Pedi at home easily, and it will give you a good and neat look. Your hand and feet are a more prominent part of your body. There are many scrubs and masks that are also available in the market for feet and hands, which will help you to clean them at home. The color of your hand and feet should match with the color of your mouth; otherwise, it will give you a very ugly look.

25- Have an emergency kit

Be Prepared With a Wedding Day Beauty Emergency Kit

You should always take an emergency kit with you, and I think it is important. You can do the makeover anywhere with this emergency kit. In this kit thread, safety pins, makeup sponge, comb, mirror, and lip-gloss are counted. These things are helped you to change your look anywhere.

26- Spice up your LBD

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I mean to say that, change your simple look into a glossy look. Just wear a little black dress and a stylish jacket or coat on it. To look more beautiful, wear bright high heel shoes with them. This gets up totally changed your look without wastage of time and money.

27- Lock in your look

In the summer season, your makeup does not last the whole day, and you look so patchy or ugly. Here we suggest a very interesting tip by this your makeup looks good all day. After completing your makeup look, use setting spray, just apply setting spray on your face or weight a few seconds. Now you can go outside or anywhere you should want to go. If you have not set spray, then you can make DIY setting spray at home easily. You should take two teaspoons of aloe Vera gel or miss with half a cup of water. Then put the mixture in a spray bottle and used it as setting spray.

28- Facial and makeup party

Makeup Parties! | Butterfli Me

If you are tired of staying at home and want something new, then host a facial or makeup party. You should invite your friends at home and tell them to bring your make-up. You should facialize each other and apply a mud mask also. Use each other’s makeup and create different looks. At Least one time try this trick, it will relax your mind and enhance your face look.

29- Get hair extensions

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If you are confused about how you look with long hairs? Then you should buy hair extensions and give it a try. It will change your look quickly and easily available at online shopping apps. This is a very quick trick to change your full look.

30- Take a picture

The classical bathroom mirror selfie - Imgur

You should take a picture when you wear a new outfit. Create your own picture album and save your pictures. This trick will help you to choose an outfit by only seeing the pictures. You should also send the pictures to your friend and or get compliments. This trick will give you two benefits such as inspiration and also help you to choose the dress easily.