Time Management Tricks for your Grown ups

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We, all are quite proverbial with the terms like, ‘I am busy’, ‘I am running short of time’, ‘I don’t have any time’ and many other alike versions of this. But, do we give it a thought of carrying out the task in sufficient time despite its business or private formalities?

Of course, today’s hastening culture and technology has impacted us in order to manage the time. Our grown-ups go through several routine activities which include college, sports, gym, coaching classes, and other activities. Sure, being their parents, initially it’s our duty to assist them on how to manage their time while studying or working. And so, we’re here to guide you on that.

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Time Is Mental:

So first the good news! It says that actual time is psychological. Anything you make, you can handle. If we don’t leave the falsehood that we won’t be able to make it on time, we truly won’t be able to fall into the time bracket. And, before you go in-depth, it’s vital to make your grown-up understand its rational importance.

Thoughts, Discussions And Actions:

No matter what sort of work you perform; it will be compiled of these three pieces. Make your loved ones maintain a to-do list of all their thoughts, conversations and activities for at least a week. This will depict a clear picture of how much they can perform in a day and where the time has been spend.

Plan The Day Properly:

If they’re not so much interested in doing the work, then it goes without saying now, it’s your job! Give a minimum of 20-30 minutes of the day for the scheduling of their day. A proper day plan is what makes it work. If you’ll not be able to reach the target, at least 90% of that will be done.

Fewer Calls:

Yes, we understand it’s complicated to make your growing ones realize that it consumes a lot of time. It has become our habit to pick calls just when it rings and e-mails when they pop-up. So, from now onwards let’s put this into their practice of not to answer every call unless it’s urgent. Chatting with friends or colleagues via phones or e-mails can be done in the leisure time included in the schedule. As an alternative, set up a time to answer emails and call-backs!

Home Is Must:

A well-known fact that grown-ups and adolescents dwell less at their homes. They are keen on mingling with friends, hanging outside with their peers and curious to know the outer world more. This again extends parent’s tasks to make them hooked on to their residences for longer. Apart from the time set for fitness centre or other outer activities, try to convince them to be at home as much as possible. This’ll support them to perform rest of their left work without any outer temptations or distractions.

Happy-Go-Lucky Multitasking:

Don’t think much about the term; its real essence is imperative. Happy-go-lucky multitasking denotes a manner to perform multiple tasks at a time without much worry. Hence, motivate your grown ups for e.g., studying while they’ve applied a face pack or other such treatments. While sitting in the college bus, they may utilize the time for cross-checking their homework rather than in useless chat. They may make their important calls as well while travelling, as it’ll save the time which they’ll waste later on.

We ‘all agree in the age of grown-ups as it is quite critical and gets difficult at times to convince them. But we hope and suggest that, keep your love and consciousness with a positive approach towards them. Thus, making it irrefutable for them to say no to you!