Things Your Dog Wants You To Know!

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We love dogs. That’s for sure. But how much? That’s what a point of contention is. There are certain things your dog would love to tell you, if only God had granted these wonderful creatures the ability to speak. And since they can’t, we thought we’d do this much for them. So read along these tips, remember them and don’t forget that if they could say it out aloud, they would love you to act upon this bit of advice.


1. Love us

We aren’t accusing you of being rough with your little canine or not loving them enough, but they’d really appreciate if you have showed that more often. Hold them close and snuggle with them. You have no idea how quickly that lights up their mood. Watch them attain nirvana as you pet and caress them.

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2. Take lead

Discipline your dog. They need it as much as you. Trust us. If you don’t train them, there’d never know what you want of them and this will subject them to your fury and anger which will slowly shatter the little creatures. Instead of shouting at them every now and then, train them according to what you expect of them.

3. Give us a task

He wants activity. He enjoys lazing around but he wants to run and get you things and feel important too. This makes him feel like he’s contributing which isn’t too much to ask for. Give him everyday tasks like getting you the newspaper, bringing the ball, etc. It can be very fulfilling for him/her.


4. Look after our health

He/she needs care. Since they cannot even express what irks them, please maintain their health records properly and vaccinate them against all the diseases that the vet warns you against. They love you too much to part from you too soon. And their death will leave you scarred too, so we suggest not risking their health in anyway.

5. We forgive

Even though you try not to lose your temper over your pup, at times his misbehavior might leave you exhausted. But it’s important that you tell them what their mistake is, instead of locking them up as punishment or scolding them mercilessly. And the wonderful creatures that dogs are, they forgive just as quickly.

6. Company

Don’t isolate them. Imagine having to live with no one for company at all. Wouldn’t things be awful? So just the same way, make sure your dog meets plenty of other dogs, your family and friends and has a happy companion since they tend to get disheartened when left alone.


Pets are wonderful creatures. You are their only source of happiness. All that they ask of you is just some of your time, some attention and warmth. Don’t neglect them while you’re sorting out life’s other issues. You have the world, they only have you.