The Year of the Tiger (Zodiac)

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The 3rd Chinese zodiac sign is the tiger better be known as “born leaders”. Tigers are enthusiastic, cheerful, courageous, and dominant. Leadership quality is in there traits, they are born to rule.

They like to dominate rather than the other way round. They are usually successful in the job which is of the likable genre. They like to face challenges and also do succeed in them. They are adventurous and have the guts to take risks in life. They are born fighters who will stand for the right thing till the end. Tigers are unpredictable and are always in hurry. They are very confident, hardworking and dynamic. At times they are selfish when it comes to their own good.  They make a lot of money, but are not directly interested in money and power.

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People born in the year of tiger are considered to be respected, and gallant. They also have high tolerance power. They like speed and thrill in life and are active people who are good at expressing themselves. Most of the women who fall under this sign are virtuous, intelligent and reliable.

Tigers are short-tempered and are mostly in conflict with their seniors. In haste, they commit lot of mistakes in their work and while taking decisions.  In their attitude of over-confidence and double-crossing they lose communications and cooperation with other people.

People who are born within the date range of the following are usually considered to be tiger:

  • 21 Jan 1890           – 8 Feb 1891
  • 8 Feb 1902            – 28 Jan 1903
  • 26 Jan 1914          – 13 Feb 1915
  • 13 Feb 1926          – 1 Feb 1927
  • 31 Jan 1938          – 18 Feb 1939
  • 17 Feb 1950          – 5 Feb 1951
  • 5 Feb 1962            – 24 Jan 1963
  • 23 Jan 1974          – 10 Feb 1975
  • 2 Feb 1986            – 2 Feb 1987
  • 11 Feb 1998          – 15 Feb 1999
  • 14 Feb 2010         – 29 Jan 2011
  • 1 Feb 2022           – 21 Jan 2023
  • 19 Feb 2034         – 7 Feb 2035
  • 6 Feb 2046           – 25 Jan 2047


Tigers are full of energy and they must learn to use their energy in a balanced way so that they could maintain their health. Because they are high in vigour so they are in the habit of pouncing others work, this makes them exhausted and affects their health.  They don’t like to take rest for long; they bounce back to work as soon as they see great opportunities without giving relieve to their body.


They are passionate and romantic and will never bore their partners. They are polite and good at expressing their feelings, but their dominant nature takes over. And in relationships too, they try to dominate their partners. To match the pace of a tiger partner the opposite partner should be as enthusiastic and full of energy to be a perfect counterpart. The best part of the tigers in relationship is that they seem to be loyal to their partners; they are possessive, and warm-hearted.


As we know that tigers love challenges and have an eye for good opportunities, so whenever they find a better opportunity they jump to grab it and this is the reason why they keep changing their jobs real quick.  They easily adapt to new surroundings and this doesn’t hamper their progress and growth in new environment. They have the skill to master new and varied topics. But they, most of the time, can be seen having issues with the people in authority.


Highest: With horse and dog

Lowest: With the sign monkey

Celebrities with the Tiger Zodiac Sign : Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Queen Elizabeth II, Marilyn Monroe, Oscar Wilde, Emily Bronte, Karl Marx

Lucky Colour: Blue, white, orange and grey

Unlucky Colour: Black, golden, brown and silver

Lucky Number: 1, 3, 4

Unlucky Number: 6, 7, 8