The Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram (Zodiac)

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The people with the sign of sheep are considered to be calm and gentle. They are delicate and good people. They are tender, filial, polite, clever and kind.

They have sensitivity towards beauty and art, have faith on God, and are spiritual. They are wise and compassionate and can handle business cautiously. Women, who are born under this sign, take good care of others. They are kind-hearted, and mostly have symmetrical features and figures.

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Sheep people are often shy, pessimistic, indecisive, moody, over-sensitive and puzzled about their life. They easily incline towards religion. They are timid and like others to take care of them. They like to have compliments and suggestions from friends. They are scared to express their love openly and have interest in bizarre theories.

They are creative, reliable and serene and great caregivers. Most of the time, they remain quiet and reserved as they spend much of their time obsessed with their own thoughts. They express themselves in a better way by writing poetry, stories, painting and cooking. Sheep’s are couch potatoes, and they are in love with the couch as it allows them to introspect and relax. They are spendthrift and love to spend on latest fashion trends which give them classy appearance.

People who are born within the date range below are usually considered to be sheep:

  • 26 Jan 1895       – 12 Feb 1896
  • 13 Feb 1907      – 1 Feb 1908
  • 1 Feb 1919       – 19 Feb 1920
  • 17 Feb 1931     – 5 Feb 1932
  • 5 Feb 1943       – 24 Jan 1944
  • 24 Jan 1955     – 11 Feb 1956
  • 9 Feb 1967       – 29 Jan 1968
  • 28 Jan 1979     – 15 Feb 1980
  • 15 Feb 1991    – 3 Feb 1992
  • 1 Feb 2003      – 21 Jan 2004
  • 19 Feb 2015     – 7 Feb 2016


Sheep’s are serene, so they rarely have any health issues. They look fragile but they are very healthy from inside. When they are pleased with the life, they remain hale and hearty. But whenever they are sad, which usually happens when they are in love, they tend to fall ill frequently.


Sheeps prefer to maintain privacy when it is about their relationships. They hardly express their feelings and emotions for someone. And a person had to work really hard to know a sheep. They share their feelings only with selected people and thus they have few selected close friends. But they respect and value the ones they love.


For sheep, power and status is not much important. They assume themselves as good leaders but will never come forward and volunteer for it. They’ll only do it if they are asked to do so. The career choices for the sheep’s are: actor, editor, musician, teacher, florist and paediatrician.


Highest: With rabbit and pig

Lowest: With ox 

Celebrities with the Sheep Zodiac Sign :
Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Mark Twain, Bruce Wilis.

Lucky colour: Red, purple, green

Unlucky colour: Coffee, golden

Lucky number: 3, 4, 9

Unlucky number: 6, 7, 8