The Year of the Rooster (Zodiac)

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The rooster is the epitome of punctuality and fidelity. It also symbolises for exorcising evil spirits. Roosters are considered as honest, ambitious, capable and warm-hearted. Most of the roosters are born pretty or handsome and they dress up well.

They have high self-respect, and seldom will rely on people. They are hot-tempered. They reluctantly don’t fall behind others. They think that whatever they do is always right in every sense. Roosters show a lot of variation in their mood swings. They are positive, but selfish and too outspoken. They are conservative and vain. Aggression is the biggest hurdle in their progress.

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Roosters are trustworthy people, and are often blunt in expressing their views. They are sociable and like to be the centre of attraction. They can be seen boasting about their qualities and accomplishments. Roosters are swollen with pride about themselves. They like to keep their home clean and well-furnished.

People who are born within the date range below, are usually considered to be rooster:

  • 2 Feb 1897        – 21 Jan 1898
  • 22 Jan 1909      – 9 Feb 1910
  • 8 Feb 1921        – 27 Jan 1922
  • 26 Jan 1933      – 13 Feb 1934
  • 13 Feb 1945      – 1 Feb 1946
  • 31 Jan 1957     – 17 Feb 1958
  • 17 Feb 1969     – 5 Feb 1970
  • 5 Feb 1981       – 24 Jan 1982
  • 23 Jan 1993      – 9 Feb 1994
  • 9 Feb 2005       – 28 Jan 2006
  • 28 Jan 2017     – 15 Feb 2018
  • 13 Feb 2029     – 2 Feb 2030


Roosters are healthy individuals, because they live an active lifestyle and are always action packed. Even if they fall ill, they soon recover and start to feel better. But sometimes, when they take too much work we can see them stressed out and moody.


The roosters like being the boss in relations, and try to over-dominate their partners. A sensitive and emotional partner won’t be able to take all this. Roosters should be in relation with tough-skinned partners. They seem to look real tough from exterior but they have a very soft heart inside and are over-flowing with love.


They are highly enthused individuals, so they are great at work and have successful careers. Roosters can effortlessly make great dancers, actors and musicians. Other great career choices include: insurance agent, banker and book keeper.


Highest: With ox and snake

Lowest: With rabbit

Celebrities with the Rooster Zodiac Sign :
Benjamin Franklin, Rudyard Kipling, Michael Schumacher, Paris Hilton

Lucky colour: Brown, golden and brownish yellow

Unlucky colour: Green and white

Lucky number: 5, 7, 8

Unlucky number: 1, 3, 9