The Year of the Rabbit (Zodiac)

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The people with the rabbit sign are tender and lovely. They are conservative, but are compassionate and creative. They are highly social, friendly and love meeting new people. For them, family and friends are really important.

People who are born under rabbit zodiac sign are affectionate, amiable, sensitive, modest and have sharp memory. They have good sense of humour and like to talk to people in humorous manner. They don’t like monotonous and dull life; they always try to add spice, fun and romance in life.  They are fond of living a peaceful life, they are soft-spoken and welcoming. They make friends easily, they are hospitable and homebody.

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They work with efficiency and speed and do not get angry easily.

They don’t think before investing money and thus sometimes face monetary failures. Though they seem to be soft outside but are stubborn from inside. They might sometimes lose great chances because of their reserved personality. They avoid getting into new ventures because they are scared to take risk. They are keen to learn about different countries, culture and their inhabitants. They feel comfortable when they are at home and like to keep it clean and perfectly organized. They always prefer to be in a safe environment to avoid getting into problems as they are peace lovers.

People who are born within the date range of the following are usually considered to be rabbits:

  • 9 Feb 1891       – 29 Jan 1892
  • 29 Jan 1903     – 15 Feb 1904
  • 14 Feb 1915     – 2 Feb–1916
  • 2 Feb 1927      – 22 Jan 1928
  • 19 Feb 1939    – 7 Feb 1940
  • 6 Feb 1951      – 26 Jan 1952
  • 25 Jan 1963     – 12 Feb 1964
  • 11 Feb 1975    – 30 Jan 1976
  • 3 Feb 1987      – 16 Feb 1988
  • 16 Feb 1999    – 30 Jan 2000
  • 30 Jan 2011    – 22 Jan 2012
  • 22 Jan 2023    – 9 Feb 2024
  • 8 Feb 2035     – 27 Jan 2036


Though rabbits are not seen visible with elements of stress but they keep their feelings and emotions inside without letting it know to others. And this makes them ill physically. Sharing is an important part of life but being an introvert they don’t open up easily with everyone. If they start sharing, talking to people and indulge into activities than they will remain fit physically as well as mentally.


People with rabbit sign are innocent and simple and this cause people to take advantage of them. They end up giving too much in any relation and lastly get betrayed by the partner. They are unreal and tend to expect a lot from their relationships. They should get such a partner who must not take their undue advantage of their naive nature.


They are good communicators and can articulate well. They are good advisors; family members and friends seek to take a lot of advices from these people. They tend to make good politicians and diplomats. The preferable job opportunities for them could be: doctors, film makers, fashion designers, and teachers.


Highest: With sheep and pig signs

Lowest: With rooster

Celebrities With the Rabbit Zodiac Sign :
Avril Lavigne, Scarlett Johansson, Ashlee Simpson

Lucky Colour: Red, purple, pink and blue

Unlucky Colour: White, dark brown and dark yellow

Lucky Number: 3, 4, 9

Unlucky Number: 1, 7, 8