The Year of the Pig (Zodiac)

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Pigs are neither smart as dogs, nor active as horses, they rather symbolises clumsiness and laziness. A pig likes eating and sleeping and thus becoming fat. They are considered to be kind souls, without having any intensions to harm others. They are supposed to bring wealth to people.



People, who fall under the year of the pig, are chivalrous, honest, frank and gallant. They are strong at heart and have calm appearances. They are optimistic and tolerant. They hate quarrelling and arguing but are quick-tempered. They aren’t afraid of problems and difficulties, but try to solve them. They avoid telling lies. They are kind-hearted, and usually slumber easily.

They are not clever, and easily fall in traps. Although they are loyal, still they do not have many acquaintances. They aren’t good at communicating with others. They are compassionate and generous.  Pigs love their life, and know how to enjoy each and every moment of it. They are very entertaining. Pigs are kind souls, who like to help others. Pigs are peace lovers, and do anything to maintain and achieve it. They are spendthrifts, and saving is the last thing they would prefer to do. They always keep themselves busy in helping others.

People, who are born within the below date range, are usually consideredconsidered being a pig:

  • 10 Feb 1899    – 30 Jan 1900
  • 30 Jan 1911     – 17 Feb 1912
  • 16 Feb 1923    – 4 Feb 1924
  • 4 Feb 1935      – 23 Jan 1936
  • 22 Jan 1947    – 9 Feb 1948
  • 8 Feb 1959      – 27 Jan 1960
  • 27 Jan 1971    – 14 Feb 1972
  • 13 Feb 1983    – 1 Feb 1984
  • 31 Jan 1995     – 18 Feb 1996
  • 18 Feb 2007    – 6 Feb 2008
  • 5 Feb 2019      – 24 Jan 2020
  • 2031                 – 2032
  • 2043                 – 2044


Excessive drinking, eating, and smoking are a problem with the pigs, and this leads to sickness. They are highly inactive individuals, and can rest all day long, resulting in weight gain. They are social being, and loneliness makes them restless, unhappy, and uncomfortable. Living a healthy lifestyle, will do wonders for them.


Pigs are helpful, supportive, and the great partners. They are full of affection. They prefer spending more time with their family, and like to relax at home. They believe in a lifetime commitment, and once they find such partner, they’ll be fixed at their side.


Pigs are creative, and they don’t leave a chance to grab the opportunity, where they could use their creativity. Pigs are never scared to accept odd jobs. The career choices for pigs could be doctor, interior designer, entertainer, hospitality, and retails.


Highest: With goat and rabbit

Lowest: With snake

Celebrities with the Pig Zodiac Sign

Dalai Lama, Henry Ford, Steven Spielberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ernest Hemingway

Lucky colour: Grey, golden, yellow, brown

Unlucky colour: Green, red, blue

Lucky number: 2, 8, 5

Unlucky number: 1, 3, 9