The Year of the Monkey (Zodiac)

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The monkey is a very clever animal. The people with the monkey sign are considered to be smart. There are erratic geniuses in their life and character. People born in the monkey sign are witty, lively, flexible and versatile. They are bestowed with the talent of solving problems easily. They are sociable, self-assured and innovative.

They are keen to help others and even can keep their own work aside. They have excellent and long-lasting memories. They show amazing ingenuity in their work. They are at times, selfish, arrogant, jealous, cunning and suspicious. They are highly impatient if they cope up with this then they can gain great achievements.

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The monkeys have the following character traits: mischievousness, curiosity and cleverness. They are playful and are good at practical jokes. They purposely do not intend to hurt anybody but the desire of being a prankster sometimes invites callous feelings. Though they are intellectual, but face difficulties to express their real skills. Monkeys succeed on being challenged.

People who are born within the date range below are usually considered to be monkey:

  • 13 Feb 1896    – 1 Feb 1897
  • 2 Feb 1908      – 21 Jan 1909
  • 20 Feb 1920    – 7 Feb 1921
  • 6 Feb 1932      – 25 Jan 1933
  • 25 Jan 1944      – 12 Feb 1945
  • 12 Feb 1956      – 30 Jan 1957
  • 30 Jan 1968      – 16 Feb 1969
  • 16 Feb 1980      – 4 Feb 1981
  • 4 Feb 1992        – 22 Jan 1993
  • 22 Jan 2004      – 8 Feb 2005
  • 8 Feb 2016        – 27 Jan 2017
  • 26 Jan 2028       –12 Feb 2029


For monkeys, getting ill is like wasting their precious day. So they fall ill rarely. They have an active lifestyle which keeps them healthy all year long. It’s the feeling of nervousness that makes them ill. Otherwise, they remain hale and hearty.


Monkeys are the ones who do not settle down easily over anything. They get bored over things in a short span of time. But they could stop this behaviour only when they find the best match for themselves. And once they do it, then their commitment is for the lifetime.


When it comes to work ability, monkeys can do just about everything. They are intelligent and can adapt to any environment in no time. They work very fast, but charge almost double for their services. The career choices they can opt for are: film director, scientist, dealer, engineer, sales representative and banking.


Highest: With rat and dragon

Lowest: With tiger 

Celebrities with the Monkey Zodiac Sign :
Julius Caesar, Leonardo Da Vinci, Kim Kardashian, Milton.

Lucky colour: Golden, white and blue

Unlucky colour: Grey, black and red

Lucky number: 1, 7, 8

Unlucky number: 2, 5, 9