The Year of the Horse (Zodiac)

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The people with the year of the horse are energetic, warm-hearted, intelligent, able and bright.  People who are born in the year of horse have nifty communicating techniques and they like to be in limelight in their community. They are kind to others and are clever.

They talk too much sometimes; they are perceptive, cheerful, talented, earthy but sometimes stubborn. They like large crowd and entertainment.  They are very popular among friends and are active at work.  They cannot tolerate too much of constraint. Horses are usually impatient and hot blooded almost about everything except their daily work. They are independent and hardly listen to anybody’s advice, which sometimes leads to failures and this makes them pessimist.  They lack in the knowledge of budgetary efficiency and are not good at the matters of finance.  Some of the horses like glamorous circle and prefer to pursue high profile career. They are in a habit of interfere in different things and then frequently they fail to finish their own project in time.

Horses are extrovert and open-minded in nature. They are full of strength and enthusiasm. They are intelligent with the ability to grasp any new subject with ease. They’re good at multi-tasking but can’t concentrate completely on one subject because they are always fascinated to chase the next big thing. As an individual, they are broad-minded, honest and friendly. They are famous to throw tantrums when the things don’t go the way they want.

People who are born within the following date range, are usually considered to be horse:

  • 6 Feb 1894        – 25 Jan 1895
  • 25 Jan 1906     – 12 Feb 1907
  • 11 Feb 1918     – 31 Jan 1919
  • 30 Jan 1930     – 16 Feb 1931
  • 15 Feb 1942     – 4 Feb 1943
  • 3 Feb 1954      – 16 Feb 1955
  • 21 Jan 1966     – 8 Feb 1967
  • 7 Feb 1978      – 27 Jan 1979
  • 27 Jan 1990    – 14 Feb 1991
  • 12 Feb 2002    – 31 Jan 2003
  • 31 Jan 2014    – 18 Feb 2015


Horses usually stay healthy, primarily because they are active, energetic, have positive outlook and are passionate for athletics. They feel ill only when they are trapped inside.


Horses are spontaneous and tend to fall fast for a person. They have a tendency to surrender themselves completely in every new relationship. This quality though sometimes ends up taking all their inner being at times. But this trait mellows with every passing years and thus making the relationship to last long.


Horses admire positions in which they can interact with many people. They hate taking orders from others, so they are not into routine jobs.  They understand new subjects easily; this helps them in handling any job profile. Suitable choices of career for them are: journalists, language translator, tour operator, publicist and performer.


Highest: With tiger and dog

Lowest: With rat

Celebrities with the Horse Zodiac Sign:
Harrison Ford, Isaac Newton, Neil Armstrong, Bipasha Basu

Lucky colour: Yellow, purple, brown

Unlucky colour: White, golden, blue

Lucky number: 2, 7, 3

Unlucky number: 1, 5, 6