The Year of the Dragon (Zodiac)

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Dragon is the token of authority, success, dignity and honour. People under this sign are energetic, lively, excitable and intellectual. They try to look out for perfection in whatever they do.

Whenever they face any difficulty they sort it out with courage. They are sensitive, magnanimous and romantic. They have an ingenuous personality and usually have great ambition. They hate slander, hypocrisy and gossips. They don’t get afraid from difficulties but hate being controlled or used by others.

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They are little bit egotistical and impatient. Women who are into dragon sign are usually over-confident. Sometimes they cannot control their mood because they are eccentric, intolerant and unrealistic. They are indecisive about their future. There is no lack of true love and relationships in their life, but they seldom share it. They usually talk about strong ambition and dominance.

They are never scared of taking challenges and risks. They rarely ask for help, but they are always there to help others. Because of their energetic personality, they easily attract people’s attention.

People who are born within the date range as below are usually considered to be dragon:

  • 30 Jan 1892      – 16 Feb 1893
  • 16 Feb 1904      – 3 Feb 1905
  • 3 Feb 1916        – 22 Jan 1917
  • 23 Jan 1928      – 9 Feb 1929
  • 8 Feb 1940        – 26 Jan 1941
  • 27 Jan 1952     – 13 Feb 1953
  • 13 Feb 1964     – 1 Feb 1965
  • 31 Jan 1976     – 17 Feb 1977
  • 17 Feb 1988     – 5 Feb 1989
  • 31 Jan 2000     – 7 Feb 2001
  • 7 Feb 2012      – 9 Feb 2013
  • 10 Feb 2024    – 28 Jan 2025


As they love to work hard, dragons tend to live a healthy life. But with work comes tension, tension leads to stress and depression. That makes them mentally unfit. By scheduling and balancing their load of work accordingly they can reduce the stress. They can do meditation or yoga to rejuvenate both their mind as well as body.


They get love and somewhat give love, but they don’t prefer to give away their independence for any relationship. As they are high in temper, so the partner has to be tough-skinned to bear the tantrums. The commitment towards a relationship is depends on the opposite partner… if they find the right person; it’s no big deal for them to be in a long-term relationship.


Dragons don’t prefer to get led; in fact they always want to be on the top. The jobs that will give them opportunity to flaunt their creativity are the best ones for them. Some career options that they can go for are:  sales person, writer, manager, broker, engineer and inventor.


Highest: With rat and monkey

Lowest: With the sign dog

Celebrities with the Dragon Zodiac Sign

Rihanna, Adele, Keanu Reeves, Lewis Carroll

Lucky Colour: Silver, golden

Unlucky Colour:Green, red, purple

Lucky Number: 1, 6, 7

Unlucky Number:3, 8, 9