The Year of the Dog (Zodiac)

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A dog is a man’s best friend, who is loyal, and obeys his masters without any discrimination. The Chinese observe the dog as a propitious animal. People, who take birth in the dog-year, possess straightforward character. They are warm-hearted, courageous, faithful, and smart.


They know how to inspire people’s confidence, and can keep secrets deep down inside them. They hold the qualities of becoming the good leaders. They have stability in their life.

Women, belong to this sign, are likely to be appealing. They have a lack of stability in comparison to the men. They are emotionally cold, and keep distance from parties. They are seen, to be bothered by unwarranted nervousness.  They are sharp tongued, and are habitual to flaunt about their bravery.

Dogs believe in friendship, loyalty, and warmth. They are known for giving effective advice, and for offering kind words to others. They are habitual of getting indulged too much into others’ issues. For them, keeping others happy is important, even at the cost of their money, power, or victory. Dog people have high determination. They have the skill to master any new subject. Their life is very organized. The same goes with their home too. They cannot be called as misers, but they spend money wisely. They avoid luxury things at the cost of the practical stuff. They are cautious about their future, and prefer to save for future expenses.

People, who are born within the date range given below, are usually dogs:

  • 22 Jan, 1898       – 2 Feb, 1899
  • 10 Feb, 1910      – 29 Jan, 1911
  • 28 Jan, 1922      – 15 Feb, 1923
  • 14 Feb, 1934     – 3 Feb, 1935
  • 2 Feb, 1946       – 21 Jan, 1947
  • 18 Feb, 1958     – 7 Feb, 1959
  • 6 Feb, 1970       – 26 Jan, 1971
  • 25 Jan, 1982     – 12 Feb, 1983
  • 10 Feb, 1994    – 30 Jan, 1995
  • 29 Jan, 2006     – 17 Feb, 2007
  • 16 Feb, 2018    – 4 Feb, 2019
  • 3 Feb, 2030      – 22 Jan, 2031


Dogs are healthy, and whenever they are happy, they are in their best of health. If they look upset and depressed, people can easily find out that they are not well.


Dogs are trustworthy, but they face the problem in trusting others. They take time to trust someone completely. They take enough amount of time to feel at ease, with people around them. If they find themselves unable to trust on someone, they start behaving harshly, and become judgemental. People usually feel scared of dogs’ anxious and insecure nature. Dogs are known for being too critical.


When it’s about support and help, the colleagues and co-workers can always trust on dogs. The dogs are always keen to learn new things. They alleviate others’ workload. Dogs are usually considered as the important employees, by their seniors or employers. Ideal career choices for the dogs could be- priest, nurse, scientist, judge, and police officer.


Highest: With horse and tiger
Lowest: With dragon

Celebrities with the Dog Zodiac Sign

Michael Jackson, George W. Bush, Mother Teresa, Bill Clinton

Lucky colour: Red, purple, green

Unlucky colour: White, golden, blue

Lucky number: 3, 9, 4

Unlucky number: 1, 7, 6