The Year of Rat (Zodiac)

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It’s the first animal in the Chinese zodiac. The characteristics that rat symbolizes are flexibility, wit and alertness. They are a smooth operator.

People who fall under this sign are seen to be smart, intelligent, wealthy and they have the qualities of implying new ideas in life. They are diligent and work real hard for success. To attain success in life is their only motive. They easily adapt to any situation and are mostly friendly. They like to keep themselves clean and are furious towards dirty surroundings. For them, cleanliness is next to godliness. They are curious and materialistic. They are possessive for their possessions.

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They are considered to be hardworking but they lack the ability to concentrate on a particular thing. They lack stability in life, they don’t stick to things in fact they like changes. They are good at heart but sometimes become selfish and impolite.

People who are born within the date range of the following are considered to be rats.

  • 12 Feb 1888    –          30 Jan 1889
  • 31 Jan 1900     –          18 Feb 1901
  • 10 Feb 1912    –          5 Feb 1913
  • 5 Feb 1924      –          24 Jan 1925
  • 24 Jan 1936     –          10 Feb 1937
  • 10 Feb 1948    –          28 Jan 1949
  • 28 Jan 1960     –          14 Feb 1961
  • 15 Feb 1972    –          2 Feb 1973
  • 2 Feb 1984      –          19 Feb 1985
  • 18 Feb 1996    –          6 Feb 1997
  • 7 Feb 2008      –          25 Jan 2009
  • 24 Jan 2020     –          11 Feb 2021


People with rat as zodiac sign are outgoing, like to make friends, fun-loving and believe in serious relationships. Once they get involved with someone emotionally, they can’t break-up with them easily and find it difficult to move on in life. They try and stick to them for long and avoid to get into a new relationship. As they are active in nature so some people might find difficulty in hooking on a long-term basis with rats.

Physical Condition

They remain fit and do not gain much weight as they are highly active. They prefer to get indulged into exercises to keep themselves fit. They are hard-working and usually don’t skip their workouts. They are physically fit but face problems in mental circumstances because they are aggressive and it affects their mental status. Most of them are diagnosed with symptoms of depression, hypertension and nervousness. They sometimes have to undergo the treatment of anger management so that they learn to keep themselves calm and mentally fit.


They are intelligent and this quality distinct them from the others. They are good decision makers and can resolve any issue even before it arises. They are not stable so the effect of instability can also be seen in their jobs. They cannot restrict themselves to one job, they need change in the workplace and the working environment. They are very much bothered about status, money and designation. They don’t like to work under a boss in fact they wants to be the boss. The most suitable career prospective for rats could be a job of editor, director, politician, manager and other such reputed and high earning jobs.


Higher: with monkey and dragon signs of zodiac

Lower: with horse sign of zodiac

Celebrities With the Rat Zodiac Sign :
Antonio Banderas, Hugh Grant, William Shakesphere, Prince Charles, George Washington, Zubin Mehta, T.S.Eliot.

Lucky Colours: Blue, Green and Golden

Unlucky Colours: Yellow and Brown

Lucky Numbers: 2, 3

Unlucky Numbers: 5, 9