The Year of Ox (Zodiac)

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The second chinese zodiac sign is the ox. The ox is considered to be something, which is huge, simple, straightforward and down-to-earth. Cantankerous people are supposed to have “oxen-temper”.

People born under this sign are honest, patient, cautious in taking any decision and believe in the philosophy of “slow and steady wins the race”. They have their own values and concepts of life and are barely affected by what other people thinks and asks them to do. They are pensive before taking any decisions and have the capability to judge the wrong and right in any situation. Women of this sign can be great wives, who take a lot of care of her children. Oxen are sympathetic, passionate, amiable and honest in nature.  They holds conventional view towards life. They highly respect their relationships, beliefs and family values. They are reliable and strong determined.

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Most of the oxen are poor in expressing themselves. They sometimes even find difficulties in discovering their real abilities. They remain silent and don’t share their feelings and problems with people.  They believe in long-term relationships rather than temporary acquaintances. They, most of the time like to be a couch potato, sit, relax and watch television indoors.

People who are born within the date range of the following are usually considered to be oxen:

  • 31 Jan1889      –          20 Jan1890
  • 19 Feb 1901    –          7 Feb 1902
  • 6 Feb 1913      –          25 Jan1914
  • 25 Jan1925      –          12 Feb 1926
  • 11 Feb 1937    –          30 Jan1938
  • 29 Jan1949      –          16 Feb 1950
  • 15 Feb 1961    –          4 Feb 1962
  • 3 Feb 1973      –          22 Jan1974
  • 20 Feb 1985    –          8 Feb 1986
  • 7 Feb 1997      –          27 Jan1998
  • 26 Jan2009      –          13 Feb 2010
  • 12 Feb 2021    –          31 Jan2022
  • 31 Jan2033      –          18 Feb 2034


Sometimes they give much priority to their work so that they even forget to take rest and thus hamper their health. They prefer to be indoors and this make them physically unfit. Thus they should take initiative to move out and enjoy outdoor activities. They are calm in nature and do not take stress thus keep their mind out of worries.


The social life of oxen is tedious as they don’t like to move out and make new contacts. They restrict themselves indoor and therefore do not have many friends. They don’t like to waste their precious time in love or flirting with someone. They can wait as long as they could, to meet their perfect match. They don’t take the initiative to move ahead and begin a conversation instead they wait for the other person to lead the step. Though they try hard but somehow the oxen cannot keep a relationship for longer.


Oxen are fond of following the same monotonous routine, because they don’t like changes around them. They have practical approach towards their work and this quality helps them excel in their specialized jobs. They tend to be much more productive when left alone. The career prospects for the person with ox sign are archaeologists, army personnel, painters, bankers and the like.


High: With rooster and snake

Low: With goat

Celebrities with the Ox zodiac sign :
Princess Diana, Charlie Chaplin, Neve Campbell, Saddam Hussein, Walt Disney, Jawahar Lal Nehru

Lucky Colour: Blue, Red, Purple

Unlucky Colour: White, Green

Lucky Numbers: 9, 1

Unlucky Numbers: 3, 4