The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown- Book Review

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The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown- Book Review

“The Weird Sisters” is Eleanor Brown’s debut novel, narrated charmingly and captivatingly. The story is about three Andreas sisters- Rosalind (Rose), Bianca (Bean) and Cordelia (Cordy) who recite the occurrences as a single body. The winsome novel throws light on sibling rivalry, how powerful books can be, and the place we choose to call our home.

The sisters have been fed on books since early childhood- their father, who is a renowned and eccentric professor, specializes in Shakespearean studies (now you realize that the three sisters have been named after Bard’s popular characters), and the entire family quotes Shakespeare like second language.

While Rose is a professor in her hometown, Bean is a city girl and Cordy, a traveler. Rose enjoys being the only child, until Bean and Cordy make a comeback and decide to stay with their parents, partly because of the failing health of their mother and partly because of their own personal failures.

The statement, “See, we love each other. We just don’t happen to like each other very much”, is a delightful summary that conveys the idea of the story. The family drama gracefully unfolds to reveal the insecurities, the tragedies, and the delights of the central characters- how they are terribly jealous of each other, yet seek solace in each other’s company.

While they pretend to be back in the house, because of their mother’s breast cancer, each one has actually landed because their own lives have been letdowns. Their mother’s surgery and chemotherapy pushes them further, and together they go through the ups and downs- reliving childhood memories, sharing their personal catastrophes, and finally finding themselves on the road to rediscovery.

The beautifully woven story let you enjoy, understand, and play along. The three sisters are as different as sun and moon, but they are remarkably identical when it comes down to family values and bonding. Rose isn’t able to move away from the safety and familiarity of her surroundings, Bean loses her job in New York City because she was cheating on her employers, and hoarding clothes and makeup (in short living a hollow life), and Cordy gets pregnant as a result of which she had to give up living on the road. As you read along, you will be able to associate yourself with each of the girls, for it is as simple and complicated as it gets.

The good humor, intriguing story line, and funny incidents are sure to keep the reader involved till the very last page- for it’s so easy to relate to the relationships, the sisters hold with each other- their parents, lovers, and the outside world. It makes you weep, and it makes you laugh. It’s amazing how their own little town (combined with their histories) offers them more than they had ever expected. There’s no reason why shouldn’t read, grab a copy and become a part of the Andreas family.