The Truth behind Beauty Myths!

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Washing your hair each day, doesn’t cause any damage! Eating chocolates is not the reason of acne!

Likewise, there are many such facts that you may not be conscious about. You might have heard several beauty tips from your mother, relatives, friends, and colleagues. But, have you ever tried to find out the reality behind them (whether these tips are actually useful)? If not, it’s time to separate the beauty facts from myths.

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Continue to read to reveal the truth behind the beauty myths. I am sure you will definitely get stunned as I was.

Beauty Myth #1- Shaving makes the hair grow thicker.

Truth- Hair is narrowest at the tip and widest at the base. Instead of plucking hairs from the follicle, razors cut them only from the surface of the skin. So, the widest part of hair grows again, making it appear thicker.


Beauty Myth #2- Plucking a grey hair may result in several grey strands.

Truth- Greying of hair is a natural aging process. Each hair grows in a follicle. When we pluck a grey hair, the hair that growing in surrounding follicles, doesn’t turn grey. The plucked grey hair grows back in a more noticeable manner.


Beauty Myth #3- Skin pores can be made smaller by applying ice.

Truth- The size of our skin pores is determined by the genes. We cannot change the size of the pores by changing the temperature (i.e., by applying ice or rinsing with water).


Beauty Myth #4- Waxing reduces the hair growth.

Truth- Waxing removes the hair from the follicle. After some time, they grow back. Repeated waxing injures some of the follicles, due to which, the hair doesn’t grow again from that damaged follicle, and we assume that the hair growth has reduced.


Beauty Myth #5- Steam opens the skin pores.

Truth- Pores don’t have hinges or muscles. Therefore, they can’t be opened or closed by applying steam. Steam just removes the dirt, present in the pores.


Beauty Myth #6- Frequent trimming make your strands grow faster.

Truth- Regular trims keep your strands healthy and stronger, but it does not make them grow faster. Your hair grows ½ an inch every month, whether you trim them or not.


Beauty Myth #7- Rubbing your eyes creates wrinkles.

Truth- Rubbing your eyes can cause dryness or irritation, but don’t create wrinkles. Wrinkles can be caused by repeated the facial expressions like smiling or frowning.


Beauty Myth #8- Brushing your strands 100 times each day will make them smooth, soft, and shiny.

Truth- The fact is that brushing your strands several times a day, makes them brittle and dull. However, light brushing increases blood circulation to your scalp, flattens the cuticles, and distribute the natural oils, making your strands healthy and shiny.



Beauty Myth #9- Applying Petroleum Jelly on your face each day, before going to bed will avoid the wrinkles.

Truth- As the age grows, our skin lose the capacity to hold moisture and looks dry and older. Petroleum Jelly only provides moisture to the skin, making wrinkles less evident, but don’t prevent the wrinkles.


Beauty Myth #10- Stretch marks can be prevented by applying a good lotion.

Truth- Stretch marks are caused by change in weight. Some ladies don’t get stretch marks because their skin copes with the changes, genetically. You will get stretch marks during your pregnancy, if they have developed in your growth phase or your mother had them during her pregnancy. You can’t prevent them by rubbing lotions or oils.


Beauty Myth #11- Drinking a lot of water prevents drying out your skin.

Truth- It is oil that keeps skin moist, not water. Undoubtedly, drinking a lot of water helps in proper functioning of the vital organs. Your skin will look dry if it lacks natural oils, no matter you drink 8-10 glasses of water every day.


Beauty Myth #12- Toothpaste helps in getting rid of pimples.

Truth- Toothpaste contains menthol that helps in drying out the pimples. But, other ingredients of the toothpaste can cause skin inflammation. Therefore, instead of toothpaste, it’s better to use other treatments, to cure pimples.


Beauty Myth #13- Washing hair every day makes them dry.

Truth- Shampooing strands every day keeps them clean and healthy, no matter, which hair texture you have. You just need to avoid using harsh hair products that remove natural oil from your strands.

Pretty female standing back and washing her long hair

Beauty Myth #14- Eating chocolates can lead to acne.

Truth- There is no scientific proof that any particular fatty food or chocolate can cause acne. But, a high-fat and high-sugar diet promotes inflammatory responses and increases the sebum production in the body, which leads to acne. Chocolates are rich in fats. Therefore, instead of chocolate candies or milk chocolate, satisfy your sweet tooth with dark chocolates (they are lower in fats).


Beauty Myth #15- Blackheads are related to dirt and can be scrubbed away.

Truth- Blackheads are not related to dirt. In fact, they are caused when the dead cells get in the way of pores and make the pores impaired. Due to this, the exit of sebum (oil) via pores gets blocked, resulting in a clog. When this clog reaches near the skin’s surface, the mixture of cellular debris and oil gets oxidized and turn black. You can’t completely scrub the blackheads away. You can only remove the upper portion of the blackheads, using a scrub, but can’t address the root-cause.


Beauty Myth #16- Expensive cosmetics are better than the inexpensive ones.

Truth- Bad and good cosmetic products are available in all prices. It’s the formulation and quality of the product that matters, not the price. An inexpensive product may also work as a wonder for your skin or hair if it is beautifully formulated.


Beauty Myth #17- Moisturizer is good only for dry skin.

Truth- Moisturizer is equally good for all types of skin. It makes your skin smooth, prevent wrinkles, and provide protection against UV rays. Moisturizers for all skin textures are available in the market. Therefore, get a moisturizer for your skin, soon!