The Science of Gaming : Learning While Playing

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What’s the use of an education system that only teaches learners how to make a living but not a life? Worthless! Education is an imperative part of life. It should be full of fun, also challenging but not boring.  There are educational games that help children to have fun while learning. They’re great for parents, teachers and kids. These games build the foundation of kids for future excellence in the domain of extra-curriculum activities and academics. These games make children more interactive.

List of Educational Games:

Letters And Numbers

Draw a picture (of a balloon, an animal or anything large) on a large piece of paper. Take an incomplete portion and pencil in dots alongside where number or alphabets can be put in a sequential manner. Kid is supposed to finish the puzzle by connecting dots in the right order. It helps the kid in memorizing the numbers and the English alphabet in a fun way.

Spell Bee

Your baby may enjoy watching the spelling bee contest on television and also aspires to do something of similar kind.

You can bring the desired fun to your child by getting a list of names of birds, animals, colors, vegetables, fruits and even chocolates. Then, make a placard or board of these names and remove one/two letters of the words. Assist the child in filling the missing letters to make a word. It will excite the child very much. Start with simpler and easy words and gradually start generating more ideas on themes.

Color Wheel

This game is superb to make your child learning easier and fun-filled. To make your child play this game, you need to sort RAINBOW (red, indigo, green, orange, yellow, violet and blue) colored papers in a row. Next find vegetables and fruits matching rainbow colors. Like pea for green, etc. While making the child identifying the fruits, tell her/him the color as well.

With pictographic representation, learning becomes simple and entertaining.

Shapes And Sizes

This game helps children to learn and understand geometry. Geometry is based on the concept of shapes. To make your child play this game you have to do some preparation in advance.  Draw different shapes and outline them. Different shapes such as square, diamond, circle, rectangle, triangle, etc. you can draw. Now, ask the child what resembles the best to the drawn shapes. If they mistake, correct them.

Another option to play ’shapes and sizes’ is to make cutouts of star, circle, oval, heart, etc. shapes and allocate the similar shaped empty  shapes to a child. Now, ask the kid to fit the cutouts correctly in empty spaces.In order to make the kid learned about the different sizes, draw different sized outlines of objects and ask him/her to arrange in descending or ascending order.

These educational games will take your child from just ‘passing’ to a ‘distinction’ in their academics and daily activities.